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Thread: Pinnacle Ultimate 14.0 not burning disc please help

  1. Default Pinnacle Ultimate 14.0 not burning disc please help

    I have made countless discs with Pinnacle Studio Ultimate edition v. 14 but now I am having trouble with it. I am using a double layer 8.5GB (the same type and brand I have used before) and selected "Create disc content and then burn to disc" in "settings". Next I am clicking "Create disc", and the dialog box shows "select image folder". I don't think it should be asking me this when I am trying to create a brand new disc from a new (currently viewed) project but it does.

    Then it creates a bunch of files including a Video_TS folder, the dvd writer spits out the dvd, Pinnacle says that the disc is ready, but in reality the disc is empty. Unfortunately, Pinnacle still thinks the disc is used, and I can't try this again (after restarting Pinnacle and/or my PC, deleted the old Video_TS folder to start all over again, etc.) with the same disc, so it's wasteful and terribly frustrating.

    Has anyone encountered this problem? What am I doing wrong?


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    I used to have no problems with Pinnacle 14, but gremlins are creeping in and but your problem sounds kind of familiar. Only advice I can give is try:

    Going out of 'make movie' and back into 'editing' tab to view your project. Then go back into 'make movie' and try again. Mine always asks me for an image folder, so not sure if that is a problem. I would sometimes use 4.7GB discs or dual layer discs. Occasionally when I load a blank DVD, in the make movie tab - settings section, it comes up as a 1.4 GB or some other size disc that is NOT what is loaded in the drive. I go out of the make movie tab and back in etc., sometimes reloading the disc until it recognises the correct disc. Usually, I can then go on to make the disc. It's frustrating isn't it. Pinnacle is good ....when it works.

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    I am using Studio 14 HD and can't figure out how to use a photo with a "transparent" background as a watermark . . I've tried using .png and .bmp and .gif formats but the background is always white or black and not transparent over the video clip behind it. Would you happen to know anything about this issue?

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