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    I've been filming a few trips to National Trust sites over the last year. So image my annoyance at forgetting my camera on a trip to Nymans. I couldn't possibly go without filming, so I thought I'd have a go with my mobile phone (Nokia N. Not quite in the league of the Nokia promo videos (rubbish user plus fiddly gadget = wobbly footage). Not really looking for feedback (footage was literately hurled together), but would be interested if anyone's come up with innovative ways to hold mobile while filming. I say innovative, what I actually mean is "better".

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    Use a wall as a tripod.

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    Legs apart, elbows tucked hard, in pan from the hips.

    (Bleedin' good quality from a mobile BTW)

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    Alas, all the conventional wisdom doesn't seem to apply to mobile phones. You end up holding it up like a contestant holds their sign on the weakest link (or more specifically like a compact camera), which means very little movement creates a juddder. Panning is a pain. It's a combination of the form factor and weight that's the issue. Small cameras like the Kodak Zi8 are easier to hold as they're veritically orientated. That means you get a good grip without covering up the lens or half the veiwer. To be more effective, you really need one of those tiny tripods to act as a stabiliser and grip. Problem is, there's no tripod connection!

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    I seen someone with a clamp attachment on their tripod for the phone. I had a quick look and found this:

    Nokia Accessibility: Nokia Tripod


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    Looks like you need one of THESE.

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    It's interesting isn't it... the whole concept of adding a HD video camera to mobile phones is to provide instant access and portability. Why on earth would someone consider buying one of these when it takes all of that advantage away. (See my recent blog post:

    I'm considering buying one.

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