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Thread: Two Graves- Short Revenge Film

  1. Default Two Graves- Short Revenge Film

    Shot on Canon Rebel T2i

    Two Graves - YouTube

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    Firstly this movie needs a warning as it contains violent scenes.

    Traffic noise to much compared to dialogue when guy is talking to girl. Shot at 2:22 crosses 180 line rule. Was that a carbon fibre extendable boom pole that was used as a weapon ? Couldn't make out what was been said at the grave scene at 8:37. I don't think the guy would light up a cigarette after being shot in the chest. There is a degree of realism but some of the movie moves into "Hollywood". If you want true realism do a study of anatomy and the affects of a gun shot to the chest. egg he would not use his right arm to hold up to the wound if he is shot on the right side of the body like that.

    Alright these were the notes I made during the movie. I thought it was a good effort. I liked the intelligent title, I like films with gritty realism but they must stay "real" throughout. The main problem I had was with the live sound recording. If it's hard to hear the actors it throws you out of the story.

    I'm sorry if this comes across as negative but these sort of points should have been handled by a person of your obvious experience. I thought it was a good movie but the outpoints stopped me getting into the story line.

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    I actually quite liked this movie. What lenses did you use with your T2i? Some of the shots were out of focus but there was some good music, editing and action. I agree about the sound, mebbe that should have been shot indoors without any traffic noise, it seems you may have picked the worst place to film that scene between the main character and girl.. But not to worry, I found myself drawn into the violence a bit too much, altho the hero looks a bit to skinny to be a tough guy. It was almost like watching a Steven Siegal movie.

    I just subscribed to your channel.

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    You describe this as a "short" revenge film, but I felt it rather dragged until the final confrontation. It was pretty obvious what the setup was - a guy after revenge for his girlfriend's death du to narcotics - but the film really seemed to labour the point but added no additional information. When we got to the final confrontation, though, I did get into the character and delt empathy with the protaganist.
    As Midnight says the dialog sound was atrocious (had it been better, I might have picked up some revealing stuff which would have drawn me into the story more) and there were some crossing the line issues.

    But the violent scenes looked fake. Those where you cut the shot before impact were much more convincing (as was the staple-gun/nail gun shot), but those where we see the impact - where you are careful to keep it on the "blind" side simply do not look real - the "hammer blow" at 5:56 was laughable!

    Another weakness, though I don't really know how you'd address it was the first we saw of some of the gang members, were when the protaganist attacks them - so we haven;t really developed any sense of hatred/dislike for them.

    Rather a strange film. As Midnight says, you seem to be very competent, yet made soem rather basic errors.

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    Was that the incorrect bit rate or just designed that way to be jerky...?

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