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Thread: A typography intro + a documentary trailer.

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    Default A typography intro + a documentary trailer.

    This is my first AE project. I hope you enjoy the video Subscribe, "like" if you do. Thanks.
    The footage is from Sri Lanka.
    2 months for filming. 1 month editing time. 4 hours of rendering.
    Feedback is highly appreciated.
    View in 1080.

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    Love the footage, the timelapses, the actual stuff shot in Sri Lanka - but the titles drove me to distraction I'm afraid. Seemed to me they went on... and on... and on...

    And then on a bit more.

    Kind of like they were there to show off what you could do. Don't get me wrong - they were extremely good - but extremely long for no apparant purpose. One case in point is the camera bouncing around on the name. No actual need for it at all. Just a distraction. They really could have been doing (in my personal opinion) about half what they actually were.

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    They looked fantastic, but as Andy suggests, the length is disproportionate to the length of the actual video. Perfect length for a feature film, but way too long for a short montage.

    On a related note, how easy would it be for you to template this? It would make a good intro to a wedding video, particularly as this is all the rage for wedding gifts (words personal to the bride and groom printed on canvas).
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    Titles can be decerative BUT I think they should also be funtional as well. I found a lot of them difficult to read and that's not just due to my substandard education. So on that level they didn't work. Think about slowing some of them down. I presume this is to go infront of a longer piece.

    Nice footage.

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