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Thread: Hardware expert: What's the name of this type of computer system for backing up data?

  1. Default Hardware expert: What's the name of this type of computer system for backing up data?

    I love to backup data. I like touching up and improving on any current backup strategy that I have in place. My perfect video editing PC would be a system that is built with backing up data in mind. So what would be the name of a home computer system that has these must-have qualities:

    1) This system would have not 1 hard drive but 3 or 4 external hard drives for saving data
    2) Great time saving feature: When you click your mouse to save a file to your Crive that file MUST automatically be routed and saved to all 4 or 5 hard drives (including Crive and all 3 or 4 external hard drives) with just one click of the mouse. I am not sure if this great time saving, one-click of the mouse feature is possible. Is it possible to build this type of system where a saved file goes directly to all 4 or 5 hard drives with just one click of the mouse?
    3) Remote portability feature: All 3 or 4 external hard drives MUST be able to be removed from the work station in a matter of seconds with as much minumum hassle as possible. This feature is very important for people like me who like to back up their data remotely by keeping their hard drive away from home say like in a banks safe deposit box by going to the bank once a week to swap and rotate all 3 or 4 EHD's for safety, security, and data preservation

    This system might, or might not, be a RAID system. I just don't know if a RAID system includes the must-have features numbered 2 and 3 above. Anyone know for sure? Alienware comes with a RAID system. I called Alienware, the maker of high end computers, but their sales team can not and will not answer technical questions, all they want to do is sell you a computer, and Dell won't let you talk to an Alienware technician unless you own an Alienware computer. Back in 2010 I tried backing my data up on a cloud with a cloud service and almost a year after being with them they were negligent and lost all my data when they implemented changes to their operating system. Once bitten, twice shy! I will never completely trust a cloud storage service and if you use one I would backup your backup just in case the cloud service loses your data which, as I found out, is a very real possibility, especially when they, or any company for that matter, implements a change to their operating system.

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    I think your looking for something like THIS. I'm not recommending this particular one, it's just an example to give you an idea of what you should be searching for, which I know is hard to do when you don't have the correct terms to use. I believe the term for instantly backing up is called mirroring and the term for being able to remove the drives easily is called swap out drives. I'm not a hardware expert so I could be wrong.

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    Ideally, never use a system where HDD storage is inside the system for reliability.

    Use an external drive system, You can purchase pre built external RAID arrays with backup software!

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    The biggest problem is that you want to write to your C drive and have it back up instantly to an external RAID, this is where your going to have issues. You can pair up drives and set the motherboard as RAID 0 or 1 (or often a combination array) and instal your operating system on it, but it's more common with raid 0 for performance boosts.

    As mentioned earlier by Bpotter, an internal RAID 1 isn't really security, it could be that you damage a drive and manage to have a back up, so it is kind of more secure than not having it. But problems that can wipe out a motherboard can take all the internal drives with it. Other than that I doubt you'll find a motherboard that will let you get any configuration that will mirror to more than 1 drive.

    I've always kept my C: drive in a condition that it doesn't matter what happens, everything important is on other drives. Then if anything goes wrong or if I'm doing a complete reinstall it's nice and simple.

    There are people that take that further and say that no matter how many copies you have, if they are kept in the same building it's not backup either as it could catch fire or something. This you have mentioned and I think it's good practice, but I don't think the cloud should be ruled out, just managed better.

    What about managing your C: drive better, don't use it as anything other than a system drive, you can still setup windows backup and restore on to a standard external USB drive for ease of fixing problems/reinstalling if you want. Then have a RAID 1 external enclosure (mirroring onto 2 drives as you go) then backing that up onto the cloud daily. That way you have a local backup for convenience and an external (to your building) backup on a daily basis for incase it goes wrong on both drives (this is unlikely enough), or gets stolen, burned down etc.

    You'd be monitoring the cloud backup daily and if anything went wrong with that you would know within 24hrs of the problem and could find somewhere else to use, all security systems have some risk on everything going wrong at once, but even with this simple one you'd have to be very unlucky.

    It's a simple and effective solution that would mean you never had to mess around trying to work out an ecconomical swapping procedure for multiple RAID's going back and forward to banks, and/or mess around trying to find/setup a non standard RAID configuration.


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