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    Is it possible to do speech bubbles in premiere ? Got an idea for a project and thought it might be good to use them.

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    I would make them up in something like Paint or Draw, give them a green background and then just chromakey them in.

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    You'll definitely get more control over the style of your titles using a third party program like Rob suggests. If doing so, if you use a vector based program like illustrator or Inkscape rather than a bitmap based program you will make life easier by keeping them clean when later scaling them to the desired size if you want to use the graphic more than once. It would also give you an alpha channel, if your paint program supports this it could work better than Premiere's green screen tool that might not give you a clean key. If it doesn't and you can't use alpha channels, giving them a black background and using the luma key would be cleaner.

    But another option would be to use the oval and triangle tools, or more than one oval for thought bubbles, in the Premiere Titler. That way you get complete control over adjusting them in position and size to your text as your creating the titles, they can be made to look good, but you don't have as much control over the style as using a different graphics program.


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    While the above is all valid and the direction I would go, I also have a font called "Baloons" which is a set of different speach bubbles, I'm sure they are standard with Windows. You could use these if you didn't feel up to drawing them yourself.

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    I also have a font called "Baloons" which is a set of different speach bubbles
    That's a good idea, I like that. I had a quick look but OSX doesn't have anything similar, but another quick look shows some available around the net.


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    ive decided tp go with the 'thought bubble' idea.

    ill use the ovals in premiere's titler as suggested by david.

    thanks all for your suggestions

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