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    Not bad.
    Some good ideas in there, but you really need more of them.
    The opening shot was great, but then it all went a bit "ordinary". All the shots were wide to mid - keeping the stunts in frame but making it all rather "samey".
    I was about to give up when I saw teh shot of the old woman and the goat. Fantastic! You have an eye for a shot so I thought I'd watch more.
    There were one or two other good shots which added variety, the one along the railway line for example at 2:52.
    I liked the sequence of the rider remving pasrts of the tree - to me it wasn't obvious what was going on, and then it was explained away as we seee him performing a stunt in that area in the next clip: good tension/release.

    What it lacked though were shots getting into the action. Showing just part of the rider or the bike. There was one at 1:38 - loads more like that, please.
    Also a couple of hints:
    The old woman and goat - that was a lousy pan from one to the other: when faced with that, simply cut.
    Learn to use manual exposure.You get quite a bit of blooom from the auto (eg 01:1

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