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Thread: Skiing Video - Passo Tonale, Italy Feb 2011

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    Default Skiing Video - Passo Tonale, Italy Feb 2011

    Hi, New to the website, so hello everyone
    This is the first video I ever produced - did it back in Feb 2011 after a ski trip to italy.
    Back again skiing this season and with a better camera and better software, so planning to make better videos!

    Passo Tonale, Italy Skiing 2011 - songtrack Chicane: Saltwater - YouTube

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    Great stuff! You can get a stabalizer for that and that would be even that much better. But the shots are great. i love looking at other people work. its great stuff. i learn from other peoples videos. I do alot of desktop capture using camtasia for pc tutorials but I dont have any of my video work for anyone to see. Maybe I should. Anyway enough about the coach. thanks for the video. This is a great forum.

    Coach Mark

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    thanks Socialmediaairman. The camera I have bought (Muvi HD Pro) comes with goggle mount, helmet mount and really strong crocidile clip for attaching to jumper or ski boots, so nxt season should give food footage (plus there is a lot more to film where I am going this year, so cant wait to film it!) Thanks again for comments. Get some of your footage uploaded - I love getting ideas from other videos

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