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    Hi, total newbie to the world of video, and am struggling with a new project. We are a photography company and are shooting some model video as part of a clients product sets, we have shot the video on a canon 5dmk2 and the output is MOV file.

    the problem so far

    the video needs to be rotated and cropped, and the green screen keyed out.

    Green screen not a problem, rotating and resizing is !

    Using imovie for example i have rotated the video, but the crop is wrong, if i crop it then try to rotate it all goes pete tonge.

    What I want is a portrate video from a landscape one, then convert it to SWF for displaying on the t'internet.

    My outputs always have BLACK lines down the side which for the life of me I cannot get out !

    Any help appreciated, also anyone in Bolton can provide training to get this done at speed we wold be willing to pay (very well)



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    anyone, really desperate to get this working


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    I'm not familiar with imovie, I've always used PCs. BUT if you rotate the video you will need to re-set the correct aspect ratio for the rotated clip. ie wide screen 16:9. The do the cropping. Shooting video with the camera on it's side is not a good idea.


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