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Thread: Minor sound drop outs after burning to disc

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    Smile Minor sound drop outs after burning to disc

    Been using Pinnacle 14 HD for almost a year now. Weird thing happened yesterday - burned a wedding video project to disc and at two points sound disappeared entirely for about a second. Checked the project and there seemed to be volume change markers at those bits (but no massive change in volume, just a slight increase / decrease). Adjusted those slightly just to see if that would solve problem. It did, but when I burned another disc a new problem arose that didn't happen the first time - best man's speech at a wedding the audio loops for about 3 seconds (sounding as if he's rapping!), it then catches up and is all synced ok.

    It's frustrating because what I thought was a finished wedding video had minor blips that I only found when I watched the whole thing through.

    Any tips or suggestions????!!!

    Thanks folks.

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    I don't know Pinnacle, but I'd check your project properties and DVD conversion to make sure the audio is set the same. Mine is always 48khz
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    Update on this - I have discovered that the sound /music jumps (if and when it happens) often at a point in the sound / music where there is a slight gap i.e. there is a pause in a speech or the drums stop for a split second in a song. What is going on ??? Weird. Any ideas?

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