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Thread: Wireless Microphone Suggestions

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    Default Wireless Microphone Suggestions

    I am looking into radio Mics at present. I want to keep costs arround the 500 mark.

    I've been looking into the Sony UWP-V1 Sony UWP-V1/38 (UWPV1, UWP-V1, UWP-V1//K3 tie clip (lavalier) radio microphone system - 606 MHz to 630 MHz (TV Channels 38-40 / UK version)

    It falls into my price bracket and I have read some good reviews however I would really appreciate any feedback from you guys and any experience you could share in this sector. I just want as clear audio as possible for my budget.

    Thanks in advance


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    The sennheiser has thrown me a bit as I can pick up both systems for pretty much the same price. From most the reviews I've read they are very much on par but the senn's seem to have better range. I think I might call CVP and see if I can try both of them out!

    Thanks for both of your input.

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    In my experience, there are usually better quality models like-for-like than most Sony options. The Sennheisers are certainly the defacto standard, but there have been a couple of recent additions which are certainly worth consideration. Proel brought out a nice package about 6 months ago (KA10-PACK) which has a handy feature in that there is a built-in omnidirectional mic into the transmitter unit so you can use it effectively as a handheld interview mic. The other most recent release is by Samson called the Airline Micro which is absolutely tiny and has excellent sound quality. Both models are under 300 which is a price-point not usually worth considering, but in both cases the bar has been raised.

    Are they as good as the Sennheiser model? No, but the different is very slight, and both units feature built-in rechargeable batteries so ongoing cost is reduced.

    A little word of warning however on the link supplied previously to the Sennheiser EW112-P on Amazon. This price is lower than the best UK trade price so the units have to be grey imports. We have had issues with this in the past with people buying these and then being unable to get support through Sennheiser's distribution channel in the UK. If this is not an issue for you then grab yourself a bargain. Otherwise, just shop around for the right supply and support package.

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    Depending on how many channels you run at a time, the pre-existing Channel 69 models will continue to work within the Channel 70 space (863-865mHz) which the Sennheiser models cope with. These few frequencies are covered under the unlicensed channels. The situation is changing all the time however, and with close ties to the steering committee, the advice is fluid to say the least. Mainly as no-one really knows what is going to be running on the rescinded ch69 channel, what output power will be used, in which parts of the country, and so the potential for interference is likely to be there.

    I think it is disgusting personally that Equiniti are to be offered the ability to sell any disposed systems as this will flood the market with systems that will be unreliable at best, and unusable at worst, all with systems that were bought with tax-payer's money.

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    Is it worth paying an extra 50 for a kit which has a Hirose connection?

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