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Thread: Unseen Version of Inspired Thought (Walthamstow FIlm Festival 2011)

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    Default Unseen Version of Inspired Thought (Walthamstow FIlm Festival 2011)

    This is an unseen version of the Jungfrau Director's Cut of 'Inspired Thought' (E17 Film Festival 2011, Portobello Film Festival 2011) a short symbolic film that can open up doorways for the viewer, every seen has been framed and composed to include precise metaphors and impressions as well as ambiguous allusions.

    This version was progressively scanned unlike previous interlaced versions.

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    Come off it man, your taking the piss. Did you honestly enter this in festivals?

    Your dedicated in your pursute of a wind up thats for sure.

    Seeing as Im at least replying to most of your movies (altho not with comments you want to hear) have a look at my last short 'the woods' Id really appreciate your take on it.

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    When I saw my inbox, a reply on videoforums.....the first thing I thought was, " doubt that is Jimbob with one of his automaton negative comments or insults..."

    Yes, indeed I did enter into festivals, it played at a few. Some of the acceptance panels quite liked it. The film got quite a good response with the viewing public, artists, photographers on facebook and at the Virgin Media Shorts. Even if you don't like this particular genre, style and subject matter of film, you should be able to see why some people do like it, who appreciate that sort of film. If you check the online Catalogue of the Portobello Film Festival, page 13, you will see one of my Production Stills was displayed for the movie, one of only about 6 chosen from 170 films to have such a privilege, but I did take very artistic production, stills, here is the one that was used:-

    ok I will have a look at your 'the woods' and let you know.

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    Well, come on. This an open invitaion for you to critique you own work. Tell us how you interpret you own hidden metaphors in this movie.

    I see shots of you running about, in black and white, with the wind howling unintentionally altho you will prob say to the contrary.
    That is all I see. It has no narrative. It is obvious you have just went out with the camera on a tripod to film this on your own.

    Im not critising and saying anything negative. Im saying what I see. It does not grab me, it doesnt entertain me. I know the next shot is going to be you running again. There is no twist, no attempt at any sort of story telling.

    But the biggest crime is this. Your explaination of it. Its art. Full stop. Its art and anyone that says otherwise is stupid.
    I feel insulted that you label this art, therefore I must be of lower intellect to you as I see nothing more in it. I dont doubt my judgement of it. Sorry to sound harsh, but I speak as I see. I make some tosh, pointless tosh. But I dont try to dress it up to be anything else that what it looks like.

    Also, you never comment on anyone elses work..why is this? Im sure there is a lot of us here that would enjoy and genunely like you to have a look.

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    I don't class these short movies of mine as tosh, I am pleased with all four of my movies this year, all of them have had quite a good response. The first three of them I also made very stylish interactive DVDs with special features, so am pleased with that as well. This is my first year making films and videos so am quite pleased with the result as seeing as all three films submitted to festivals ended up playing at least two festivals. However, the quality and success of a movie is not based upon what film festival panels think of it. The filmmaker himself needs to make a judgement on his own work, just like other artists in seeing whether he has crafted the image he wanted.

    Some films have deeper purposes than 'entertainment' Some can teach you something, provoke a thought, an emotion or open a new direction in your life.

    Not every movie needs a 'twist' in fact many movies are spoiled by token pointless predictable twists or even unpredictable ones. To put a twist can be a bit of a gimmick. It wouldn't be intellectually difficult to fill every film with a twist or multiple twists, it isn't particularly sophisticated or difficult to do.

    'Story telling' or 'narrative' is a particular structure or genre, it is only one type of film. Like I have said there are many types, artistic, experimental etc. Also consider whether you are missing a narrative because the filmmaker made something more subtle. Some people can only appreciate pop-up books.

    Its okay jimbob, it takes all sorts to make a world, I know not everyone will appreciate the style or content of my films, people have their tastes and their various levels of intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, sophistication and analytical ability. It does not bother me so that I would need to persuade them. In fact, I am quite happy that some categories of people are unable to appreciate the content of some of my films.
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    Another point, you should stop parroting Tim Stannard's lines...and think for yourself. I have never said about any of my films that they are meaningless and 'just art', rather this was an accusation from Tim, perhaps influenced by my revealing that I am an artist.

    And if you had looked at any of my art, you will notice I am not 'that type of artist' either i.e. I'm not one who just throws paint at a canvas. You will see my paintings and drawings generally do depict some sort of recognizable scene, subject matter or object....even if in an expressionist-impressionist, somewhat removed from realism style.

    However, I do see nothing wrong with making films whose main value is in their aesthetic content (beauty of scenes, objects, movements, compositions etc) or whose value exists in their artistic content (in terms of other artistic objectives, as many as they may be).

    But as I have said, my films are artistic but not meaningless. If you don't see a meaning in them or their scenes or sequences, do not assume there is no meaning to them.

    Perhaps you will be able to make a better judgment upon them if you compare them with other silent, experimental and art films. I think you will find them competitive with their particular type, but again its subjective and also dependent upon the extent of knowledge of the viewer as well as their specific knowledge and understanding of what they are actually viewing.

    You can read a book, view a picture or film and appreciate it to a certain level when in a state of ignorance and then later on in your development can come back to the same work and appreciate them much more.

    Here look, a couple of scenes from places where my films have been made:-

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    They are good sketches, did you draw them all by yourself?

    Seriously, I like them more than the movie itself.

    Pop up books!!! ...nice..and you say Im having a dig.

    Looking at your film from a technical POV when you run towards the camera you slow down, presumably to stop the recording, but it edits straight to another shot of you running, at the same speed. You should have edited the slowing bit out, or just continued running further past the camera.

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    Jimbob, unless the person you are trying to talk to is willing to listen, it is a waste of time talking to them. He is like the child holding his hands to his ears saying blar, blar, blar. He has his fixed view of his films and that is all he sees and hears. Anything which does not agree with this view is ignored as the he can not comprehend that it's possible that he could be anything other than right. It's kind of the opposite of open mindedness. I don't know why he posts his videos in this section of the forum as he is not interested in any form of critique, technical, artistic or otherwise.

    He has a beard therefore he must be wise. I do not so I must be stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    He has a beard therefore he must be wise. I do not so I must be stupid.

    I have a bit of bum fluff, does that mean I'm on my way?! :P

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    I thought I might need an adult's help in handling the pencil sharpening knife.

    Yes, spot on about the slowing down when running, that was indeed to turn the camera off. I think I told you before almost all the filming for this short was was just my running back to turn the camera off....or in some cases, running into position for filming. All the scenes were from another project which I still haven't done. So yes you are exactly right. I could have obviously cut those slow downs out, and perhaps should have...but in reality I could be slowing down at some points and speeding up at others, at my age that would be likely now. We could even draw a symbol from speeding up then slowing down.

    But well down for pointing out some valid criticism. You will notice I am stooping down in one of the shots to avoid being in the frame altogether, but once I got the idea for making a short out of the unintended footage, I thought I may as well keep it, indeed we have to stoop down sometimes in life to avoid something...but still fail to escape avoiding it....a bit like getting engaged on this forum.

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