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    Ok, so I need to record a video for my online speech class. No problem I have the capture software, and a webcam, or so I thought. My Webcam mic is horrible, it pops and clicks so I did the logical thing and hooked up my Rockband Mic, and it works great! Provided I am within 6 inches of the mic. FOr my speech class I cant do that, I dont want the mic on screen as a distraction. I need a way to boost the audio input from my mic that is hopefully less complicated then recording the audio independently of the video, boosting it in audasity, then splicing it in.

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    Try and get hold of a condenser mic or a shotgun mic, you should be able to position it just out of shot and you should have no problem recording the visuals and the sound together this will save you work. If you need to you can boost the volume in your video editing program. Having the right tool for the right job is always the best answer. Also try and make sure the room is dead sound wise so there is very little room noise, bedrooms are usually good for this as there are a lot of furnishings to deaden the natural room echoes.

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