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Thread: audio Rubber-Banding in Vegas Studio 10

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    Default audio Rubber-Banding in Vegas Studio 10

    As well as a background music track, I have some odd clicks in the middle of a reasonably good soundtrack (which gives atmosphere to the clip).

    I recall there is an audio "rubber-banding*" feature in Vegas Studio 10, BUT cannot find it. Vegas doesn't use the Term and searching volume and envelopes hasn't helped either.
    Can someone here give me a clue, pse?

    I've created a new Rubber-banding Thread so I can go straight there if I need it again.....

    ( Er, since I forgot what it's called and you can't add "Post-Its" to the Index . . . . that's an idea!)
    I did try a Search here, but the results are somewhat broad....and don't appear to cover it.

    * rubber-banding uses marker points, which adjust up/down the audio-level over a small portion of time on one track.

    I'm sure I've used this RB technique as it means you can adjust (say a
    shout) anytime, when the audio "balance" is better determined. Cuttinig "Gain" affect everything on that clip.
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    In the Pro version you right click an empty portion of the audio track that you want the rubber band. Then from the insert/remove envelope, select volume. OR select the track you want and press the Shift + V keys.

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    That's it!
    " the track you want and press the Shift + V keys.... "

    & in Vegas Studio 10, as long as you click three spots(=anchors?), you can up/down the middle. Thanks, I may come back to this memo.

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    Highlight audio track and then Just press V for volume envelope, P for Pan

    Use the double click to make a node, or

    Region a section you wish to adjust (drag cursor over area required) the push up/pull Envelope to do an area quickly, Or
    (set fade times in Preferences)

    Hold SHIFT key with mouse on envelope and it will change shape, then just draw your as you require.

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    Brilliantly concise, Z.

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    Rubber-Banding, - some months later...
    "Random restarting"

    -been using the Vegas Studio 10 "volume" feature as described above - all very good, but I find that sometimes when I "click-volume" the timeline stops - and it goes back to the Start of the clip I'm working on. I guess my clicking is telling Vegas Studio I want to 'Play it again, Sam'.
    - However, I don't and this wastes times, esp. if the clip is quite long, like 10 min, - As now I have to stop the clip playing (from the start, where the Timeline has moved itself), to find the place I last adjusted the "volume".

    It's possible that my "click" speed varies, but I almost think it depends upon the exact position the pointer is. If it's near the "vol" line - it puts a point there,, but if I've moved off slightly then it won't accept this is another "volume" marker. I don't do this deliberately!
    Since I don't want to restart the Timeline (hardly ever), I wonder if there is a Command that will stop this behaviour?

    What I've done:
    I have minimised the "preview" window and made the timeline just two tracks, one Stereo Audio and one Video. I wish to adjust the volume of repeated level-errors on the audio track and "volume" appears to do this, giving me the possibility of both increasing the level /or reducing it. This double-feature is needed and cannot be done using Non-Volume features, like audio Gain, because this set the whole clip, whereas "vol" can be adjusted as much as needed by enlarging the timeline. Also "gain" only reduces levels.

    Fortunately I have only one Audio track (now), but suspect this "restarting" would be more regular if I had two, or more audio tracks on the timeline. Because the pointing accuracy would be lower.

    What I want, is to "lock-out" any other mouse-actions, while I'm setting audio track levels - is this possible?

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    Do I understand you right that you want to put a point on the envelope/rubber band while the track is playing ? Why ?

    When you double click the envelope to put a mark on it, it sets this point as the new start point on the track so next time you stop playing it will restart from that point. I'm I totally on the wrong tack with this.

    To be honest I'm confused as to what you problem is. Can you say again but write less.

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    There is an AUTOMATION feature in Vegas (see manual), it allows real time use of the Volume fader to adjust sound on the fly... oops sorry that's the pro, just seen you have the studio

    The cursor goes where the mouse is so would start from there again I guess
    Try playing the clip and pressing M (marker) where you want a change in audio level and then go back and make the adjustments
    Right click a marker and pick delete, or view EDIT DETAILS in VIEW and select markers and delete from there

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    Default "Rubber-banding" whilst playing Studio 10

    Thanks both of you.
    - V Studio v10 - I'm using Volume whilst the track is playing . . . I didn't know it should be Pro-only!
    -but it doesn't restart from the click-point. When it restarts (maybe one in ten clicks), from the beginning of the current clip...= as stated #6. I know this because I hear the audio repeat several times.
    Using M-marker and going back would take ages, as I can usually keep ahead of the playing-point timeline, thus I can hear the (delayed/corrected) Audio.
    [FWIW. I am trying to increase the level of important v.quiet-bits (which I can just spot visually on the Waveform, whilst lowering the loud-sections (also a Waveform visual). I am not taking Vision clues.]

    Whilst I agree doing this while not playing, could be satisfactory; . . . . . . . . . . . I'm able to do 1hr. in little more than 1hr. I just want to prevent it restarting,- or I'd like to know what causes it to happen intermittently.....
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    The quickest way to raise the low points and lower the loud areas is to use the Track compressor audio FX, then tidy up any needed bits by hand. That's certainly where I'd start.

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