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Thread: HD Video Editing Multivideo Tracks

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    Question HD Video Editing Multivideo Tracks

    My Computer Specs.
    Asus P6T SE Motherboard
    Intel Core i7 920 2.67 CPU
    Corsair Ram DDR3 6GB
    GeForce 9800GT Super+1GB DDR3 HDMI
    320GB SATA Hard Drive 7200RPM
    Windows 7 Pro 64
    Corel Videostudio Pro X4

    Hi guys,
    When I use up to 4 video tracks for pip effects & start playing it back its fine until it reaches the multiple vid tracks then it starts to stutter & judder till it reaches a single track again then runs ok,
    so what can I do to stop this from happening? SSD Drive? faster grapics card? any advice would be appreciated,

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    Hello there,

    What HD video are you editing? 1920 resolution or 1024 resolution?

    I find that for editing uncompressed HD, You'd want a Raid Array with 4 drives. One as the OS ( SSD if possible ) 1 as the capture scratch, 1 as the render cache/bin + 1 as the export dump.

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    The res is 1020, may try the raid scenario once i learn how to set it up & probably after this project, so would a ssd + graphics card help in the meantime?

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    I don't think so. What may help is a seperte media drive to the OS/Program drive but I think you may still get some sticky point. I suppose if you got a SSD you could use that for the SO and the other drive for your media. With Sony Vegas you can over come this problem by lowering the preview quality, with other NLE's you have to pre-render the time line. I've never used your NLE so I don't know how it works but I would susspect it will be one or the other.

    Hope this helps.

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