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    Basically I am working on a small video showing Manchester as night, 'Manchester Never Sleeps'. The aim of the video is basically just to show off the city at night and capture footage of the city whilst most people sleep.

    Now as I have a nice vantage point in my apartment I want to start the video with a sunset. The only issue with that is Manchester is forever raining or just overcast! We have had some nice weather recently but I have been away up until yesterday but I managed to capture a bit.

    The issues I had, due to being very tired from traveling, I mistakenly left my camera in auto which didnt give me the darkness I wanted for the closing clip. On top of that, Manchesters clouds got the better of me so I dont get the sun lower down in the sky (It will make sence when you see the video).

    MNS - YouTube

    So just looking for your constructive criticism really, I am going to have another go tonight weather dependant so all ideas and feedback appreciated


    Note: Video is unlisted thus only you guys can view it. The soundtrack is 'Arrival of the Birds - Cinematic Orchestra'.

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    Not sure what sort of crit. you want of this. Make it one continuous shot not three separate ones like you have in your example. Start your shot when the sun isn't quite so high in the sky and hold the shot at the end for longer than you think you need to hold it. As with all things in nature, she will only do what she does not what we want. I think you need to just keep at it until you get the right shot.

    As some people know in this forum I like to film the moon. I don't go out every night but if I notice the conditions are right, I'm always on stand by to get the camera set up and film it. I think you need to have this sort of view point to get the shot you really want.

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    Thank you for your input MB.

    The original plan was to keep it as one continuous shot however with it being 2 and a half hours of footage, FCP wont allow me to speed up the clip enough to get enough of a scope for what I had originally planned. Unfortunately the NX5 doesn't have a time lapse feature either. Do you know of any other ways I could maybe tackle this?

    As for the last shot, it is cut where it is due to the soundtrack itself and it will be jumping into a slow shutter shot of vehicle light trails.

    I have been working on the shots since the first upload, made the night shot a little darker, gave the opening shot a bit more colour and I have gone for a more fluid transition between the shots. I think its came out a fair bit better but again looking for any crit! I have left the soundtrack running for a bit too so you can see what I mean about the cut.

    MNS-2 - YouTube

    Thanks again for your feedback

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    If you can't shoot time laps in camera or slowdown the frame rate, put the footage on the time line, speed it up as much as you can but don't touch the colour or contrast, then render it out. Discard the original clip and use the rendered (speeded up) clip. This can then be speeded or sped up further as needed. It's not ideal as there is a chance of loosing image quality but I think it would be ok. I would still say one continuous shot would be better, make the starting point the same as the second cut in your example, then you
    won't have to use so much footage. I see how you cut to fit the music but I don't think it's necessary BUT it's your piece so I'm sure you know best. I love those slow shutter shots of car tail lights streaking in the night.

    I've never used FCP so don't know if there is a script which could just take one frame out of 25 frames so it becomes a time laps shot at 1 fps.

    I'm surprised that a camera as nice as the NX5 doesn't have variable frame rates, that's one good thing about Panasonics in that class of camera. I shoot with a HVX200 which is really good at variable frame rates, variable time laps etc.

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    Such a simple solution, why couldn't I have thought of that!

    We are back to rainy manchester here now so I don't think I'm going to get a chance to re-film for some time :( Try to make the best with what I have at present and get on with the rest of the project. Can always come back if/when we get another good sunset!

    I know what you mean about the NX5 lack of time lapse. But I did know about this before making the purchase and have always been set on getting a dslr in the future so didn't think it would matter too much! I think Sony left it out to encourage people like myself to bite the bullet and go up to an EX1. Which has a lot of benefits including the 35mbps recording, but for the price and my current intended use its just a bit overkill!

    Had a quick look at the HVX200, seems like a very good all round camera for the price.

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    The HVX200 was the camera to have for indi film makers with it's film like gamma and 24p and stuff like that but it's a bit dated now, the AF101 looks like the camera that people who bought the HVX200 really wanted. Don't get me wrong it is a really nice camera very ergonomic to use with useful functions, produces good images, good sound etc.

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