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Thread: Basketball tricks clip

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    Default Basketball tricks clip

    Edited with Sony Vegas and After Effects, enjoy

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    That is some pretty good tricks!

    As for the video, I like the intro, the quick overview of a few of the tricks and then going into them with slightly longer clips etc. Its quite hard to say much more as I get too enticed as to what the guy in the video is actually doing

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    Firstly I'd like to say how impressed I am with the tricks the guy did.

    The video could be and should be more interesting than it actually is. I found that after two minutes I was getting bored which I shouldn't with such a good performer. I think where it's gone wrong it that nearly every shot in each of the locations was shot at the same distance and angle. If you vary these points rather than putting in wobble it would make the video more interesting. Also a video like this should have at least one slow mo in it.

    The guy is worth filming again taking these and other comments in mind and you will have a nice video. Will your camera shoot at 50fps this would help with the artefact seen on the ball and make any slow mo you do look nicer.

    The good aspects of the video are that it's cut well to the music and it doesn't have pointless out of focus which seems to be popular these days.

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    the guys got some skills !

    I think this would benefit from some speeded up and ultra slow mo sections (twixtor) as it is, its way too long. i lost interest after 1.30 sorry :-(

    music works very well with it BTW !

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