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    project with okay editing? criticize my editing thanks c:

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    I don't think it's very good. I would have started with the definition, then give some examples. There where needless images which just confuses the message eg womans head, spinning logo etc. You seemed to be more interested in the music than the message of the video. Well, you did continue the music after the video had finished.

    It would have been better with a voice over rather than just text.

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    forgot to cut the music off, but that's not really what i'm bothered with, nor the information. however how i got it across could use work i could say if i hadn't made it like this intentionally.
    I wanted criticism on the editing, not the video itself.
    but still thanks for being the one to take the time to actually criticize me w
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    In terms of watching the video, I strongly agree with MB about narrating the information as oppose to having so much text.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twofro11 View Post
    I wanted criticism on the editing, not the video itself.
    You fail to realise that the criticisms do apply to the editing.
    Just cutting shots together is not editing. Editing cannot be judged without its context.
    An edit should be sympathetic to to whole point of the video. Indeed, if a message is being got across, or an emotion expressed, or a story told the edit should be invisible.
    In the case of this the edit simply got in the way of the message.
    The backgound images under the text were a distraction.
    The text itself was dreadful - it wasn't clear what was being said and there was a random selection of capital letters where there shouldn't be and vice-versa. No-one will take a message seriously if the maker hasn't even put effort in to getting the grammar/syntax correct.

    but the video wins the prise for the most vague statistic I've ever seen:

    Synesthesia ... is reported to occur in 1 in every 500 to 25,000 people.


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    I'm pretty sure cutting the videos together is editing. it was meant to be a presentation, not an actual piece of work video.
    The back ground images under the text were a distraction. - I didn't want it to be boring, quick attention spans and all, and I left the text long enough so that it could be seen.
    and you're right I'm not taking you seriously at all.
    honestly if you didn't want to abide by what I asked for why did you even bother posting at all. you just saw what was going on in this thread and felt you had to prove me wrong?
    please. I came looking for help on Sony Vegas effects, clipping, ect. obviously I came to the wrong place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twofro11 View Post
    obviously I came to the wrong place.
    I think you have hit the nail on the head. I think the feedback you are after will only come from friends and family, if you truly want to improve however then listen to what people have to say. This is a community built around people helping one another, if you don't want to be helped. In your words, you are in the wrong place.


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