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Thread: A NEWBIE question

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    Exclamation A NEWBIE question

    I am new to the forum and I noticed that people don't always answer questions. Some dont want to answer truthfully even though they have the knowledge as I have recognized in other posts where their expert knowledge was needed.

    This forum has a discussion:
    Consultancy Service

    Digital Director's paid consultancy service for hands on professional advice. Find out what we daren't tell you for free.
    This is a contradiction to the fact when the forum introduces "Need help with video capture, editing, encoding or playback" as in one of the discussion groups.
    Is this board a minefield? (The answer will cost you)

    I understand forums are for sharing and sharing is free (at least in my world) so whats the point of this forum?
    Just to get things straight...If you have any comments, believe information to be incorrect or want to make a suggestion, post a comment here. And I did!

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    The point of this forum is like the saloon bar of a pub. It's for people to meet, get to know each other and help each other out, if they want to.
    None of us are paid. So, if someone comes into the forum, demanding answers, there is no obligation on anyone to oblige. In your world sharing might be free but, once you've been doing at a while you tend to get a bit fed up (a) answering the same question, time and time and time again and (b) people just taking the information and disappearing.

    So, try it. Walk into a pub, find out which guy is a builder and then go up to him and start asking him how to build a garage. When you've got all the information, just leave. Don't thank him or come back to show him how you got on, just forget him, see how popular that makes you.

    That's why we welcome people like yourself who are bright eyed and bush tailed but, if you want something from us, firstly you need to put a bit of effort in. We have worked hard to get our knowledge and don't mind sharing it but not with people who just waltz in and start demanding "feed me!".

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    I don't know why the consultancy Service area is on the forum but I know it's never been used. So your conspiracy theory is invalid. Your generality of
    Some dont want to answer truthfully even though they have the knowledge
    is also not true. Look further into the forum and you will see there are a lot of people very happy with the help they get. There are some people who ask questions which I and others don't know the answer to, does this make me bad ? no just lacking in that area of knowledge, we can't know everything. There are some people who in there enthusiasum to help may think they know the answer but don't realise they don't really know enough to give a competent answer. This does not mean they are deliberatly trying to misslead others but simply don't realise they don't know. I inclued my self in this latter group of people.

    Continue to read the forum and contribute in those threads you feel you can help.

    Welcome to the forum.

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