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Thread: HD Video Camera vs HD Digital Camera

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    Exclamation HD Video Camera vs HD Digital Camera

    My need is special. I need a HD digital camera that can shoot with autofocus, tele-zoom (optical 18X) and zoom audio all at the same time. I film drag racing and everything is over in less than 15 seconds. Is there a HD digital camera under 600 pounds that can do this? I have been looking at Nikon Coolpix P500 but can't find a thorough review for its video mode.

    I tried a couple of digital SLR with intercgangeable lens (Canon, Nikon) but none could manage autofocus during tele-zoom and in some cases the zoom motor was heard on the recording. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm 100 meters from the start and at some point they zoom past me and I follow them to the finish (latest video). It has only 10X optical zoom thus the reason why I am that far out on a tripod. There is no money earned, so the reason I want it moderately cheap. I have my eyes on the Panasonic TM90 although I'm scared it may not perform compared to a 3CCD since it is a single chip and I can't buy it here cause they don't sell it. I have tried a miniDV with a single chip and when compared to 3CCD, footage was disastrous. So the reason why I thought there might be a SLR to do the job since they have big chips and high zoom.

    I use an excellent Panasonic NV-GS180 (3CCD) which does wonders in low-light and has been doing the job for the past five years. Since it has around a 1000 hours on it, I want a replacement for it for the track while I will still be using it for the interviews since it has MIC IN and Phones IN at the same time with manual control.

    Any brand and model suggestion for a digital camera with HD video mode capabilities?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chatmaster View Post
    the reason why I thought there might be a SLR to do the job since they have big chips and high zoom.

    I ?
    Ever tried zooming and focusing at the same time (on a DSLR) ? even the best autofocus systems are not 100 percent releiable.

    ever wondered why camera operators employ a focus puller ?

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    Actually Paul, Zoom and focus usually do stay together. That's how you focus. You zoom in, focus, then zoom out and the focus will stay where it should be. It's very, very rare that you get a decent lens which doesn't and if that's the case, then the lens should go to the repair shop.

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    I was shooting drifting yesterday and there was a guy beside me with a 7d and 70-200 lense. I tried it at 720p and 50fps, everything was auto and when i got home i found out alot of settings i could have changed to improve but here is the clip anyway, i tried a bit of slow motion on it Canon 7d Video Test - YouTube

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