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Thread: Film festivals,which one should I go for???

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    Default Film festivals,which one should I go for???

    I made this doc for a course I was on a few years ago with a 60 video camrea from Aldi's.Short Documentary about GWYNFI AMATEUR BOXING CLUB!!! - YouTube

    I am going to reshoot the documentary but thia time using better equipment skills and software.

    I was thinking about entering the doc in a few compotitions or film festivals once its done.

    Anybody got any ideas about this type of thing?

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    Research the festival.

    Sounds simple but a market has emerged for film and video festivals. It's an easy way to make money. Think of a catchy name, rent a hall for a week and charge people lots of money to show their films.

    So research the festival before you pay to enter your film.

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