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Thread: HELP for a school project due MONDAY! :o\

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    Default HELP for a school project due MONDAY! :o\

    ok... down to business.. thanks for looking

    I want to record from 8mm to comp - whats the best format? avi etc etc
    with intentions to edit on PC and record BACK to VCR (VHS) via a/v composites and svideo/audio --- required by the teacher.. lame but true.

    Also would video size be affected? Will I be able to get it back to VCR to play on the TV full screen? Quality issues? Sound isses? Please any feed back is appreciated it... you can email me at:

    leave the NO and spam out

    thanks guys! btw i'm using mgi videowave 4 and ulead videostudio 7 -- let me know if I need anything else. Thanks

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    First off, what video-in connections do you have on your PC? Give us the specs of your PC.

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    pc specs:
    p4 2.53ghz
    1gig pc2700
    120 gig hd (1 - 40gb and 1 80gb)
    ti4800se 128mb
    audigy sound card

    using dazzle's composite to usb converter to record from cam to pc
    using a svideo + audio to 3 rca composites cable to record from pc to vcr

    hope this helps! thanks marc!

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    Then you have everything needed to do what you want Take a read through these guides as a first step: (this uses a games console as a source, but the principle is the same as from any analogue source. You might also want to try other, less compressed, codecs if you're going to edit, eg huffyuv)

    Should get you on the right track.

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