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Thread: Newbie trouble with Final Cut Pro X

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    Default Newbie trouble with Final Cut Pro X

    Hello guys.
    I have recently started working with video editing just for fun. I got Final Cut Pro X (maybe that was my first mistake?) and created a two-minute video the other day.
    You can imagine my surprise when I tried to save my two-minute video and it said the size of it would be about 106 GB. After a while I realized that the video was actually not two minutes, but 23 hours and 2 minutes. Somehow, I have managed to add 23 hours of nothingness to my video, and I can't figure how I did it or how to get rid of it. Any ideas?

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    I'm pretty certain you must have accidentally inserted a gap clip (or perhaps many gap clips) to the end of your timeline. The keyboard shortcut is "alt W", I would think this could be how you done it. If you select the gap at the end of the clip and press delete you will get rid of it (or them). If you press the keyboard shortcut "shift Z" this will fit your edit to the timeline and you'll be able to see where it (or they) end.


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    Hello Bizzybox,
    When FCP X is the first ever editing tool, then maybe it's too complicated. Haven't your tried iMovie '11 at first? Why buy professional software if you never ever tried a good amateur tool, which iMovie '11 is? At the other hand: if you want to be a serious editor, than you are right to waste no time with an editor that you will only use a short time.
    I use FCP 6 several years now, and I didn't switch to FCP X yet, but I will soon. The demo looked promising. About your problem: I think David Walsh could be right.
    Greetings from Holland, Jan de Bloois. (, Dutch only, sorry!)

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