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Thread: SketchWork TV "E5: TERMINATED"

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    Hi guys,

    This weeks SketchWork TV (SketchWorks) episode pays homage to "The Terminator" and is entitled "Terminated". This story follows two circus workers who are suddenly plunged into a world where they are hunted by a mechanical being from the future.

    I hope you enjoy episode 5.

    SKETCHWORK TV E5 - Terminated (SD and HD)

    All the best,


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    Ok, I have not seen any of your previous work but I have looked at this one.

    Just as a point of reference, On a scale of 1-10 how highly would you rate your production?

    If 10 = Lord of the Rings. Where would you be?

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    Hi there - thanks for watching it is much appreciated.

    That is an interesting question and quite hard to answer because we run this as a weekly show so it is shot, edited, scored and goes through post in a week. On normal productions we would spend a lot more time, so I guess there is room for improvement in places and it is obviously not going to be a 10

    What are your thoughts?

    Thanks again, Justin.
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    Well, I for one enjoyed it. I quite like the way you put it together - the chat sounds a little staged, but then so does anything else put together in that "matey" manner (eg Top Gear). The effects were superb - I was more impressed by the graphics (ie the terminator view) than the lightning and bullet time, probably because we see so many people attempting those, but few pay so much attention to the "lesser" effects.

    The sound whilst you were picking up the ladder rather let the production down.

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    Thanks Tim for the feedback. We probably should have done a bit of ADR on the ladder chat bit as it was recorded with a crazy circus generator going mad in the background. We'll sort that for next time.

    Thanks again for watching and really glad you enjoyed it.


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    Yeah, as it was all turned around in the same week, Good Job.

    My worry is that the "story" for each item seems to be a direct rip-off a popular movie, Scrolling through your library of other movies, Whilst it is difficult to come up with someone entirely "new" it would be nice if you could think of your own piece rather than comedy spin-offs?

    If I may ask, What do you see as the long term vision for Sketch-works? You've got a shop/forums/video site what would you like to see take off?

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    The shop is already pretty successful, but we would like to see the series develop over the next 3-6 months. We do have some more "original" ideas in the pipeline, so I guess stay tuned and we'll see what happens.

    Thanks again for your valuable feedback it is much appreciated.

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