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Thread: AVI TO MPEG please HELP!!!

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    Default AVI TO MPEG please HELP!!!

    hey all,

    okay i got my dv to work!! YAY!!!. but now that i want to convert it to Mpeg so i can burn it to dvd it's talking forever it's been 5hrs and only 60% completed y does it take so long the video is only 46mins. i have another video which is almost 2hrs. if it takes this long i wont do it! is there anything way faster!!! i can get to i can convert AVI to Mpeg in like an hr or less!!!? please help thanks!


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    Hello my special friend

    It all depends on the speed of your PC - Video encoding is one of the most system intensive things to do.

    What's your PC?

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    Hey my *Special* friend hehe. Well my computer is.

    p4 2.6 GHZ
    Windows XP Pro
    1 GB of Ram
    200GB of harddrive.
    Graphic Card: Geforece 4x 64mb.
    a Samsung 19" LCD hehe. k thats about it. It's a very fast computer.

    So what do i do now?

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    well it's only a 2.6 ghz p4 and for a pentium it isn't that fast.
    i eat hobbits!!!!!!

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    What software are you using to encode? Are you using two pass, or one pass? Do you have any other processes running? skratakh is correct in saying it isn't *that* fast when compared to more recent processors, and as Mike says, encoding is the most CPU intensive process.

    The only way you'll get encoding time down significantly would be switching to a one pass encode, upgrading your PC, getting a hardware encoder or using alternative software (insignificant).

    this is an old test, but shows the differences in encoding speeds: (and for that matter quality).

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    i'm using #1 Video Converter i did a google search and it said suspose to be fast ..yea right it's been an hr and it's still at 13% and i'd say 2.6 is pretty fast better than 1.69 Ghzs... and i have 1 GB of i dono wut to do this is ridiclous i have to wait a day for it finsh converting! there has to be another way.. and i dont know wut u mean by 1 pass or 2 pass... thx!


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