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Thread: Panasonic SD90 or SD900 ?

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    Default Panasonic SD90 or SD900 ?

    So I'm looking to invest in a HD camcorder for youtube and short films. The two major ones which have caught my eye are as titled
    Panasonic SD90 Full HD 1920x1080p 3D Ready Camcorder: Electronics
    Panasonic SD900 Full HD 1920x1080p 3D Ready Camcorder: Electronics
    I understand these to be popular with a lot of reviewers for being good-value products which include features from the next price-range up.

    I'm stuck between two cameras of quite different prices because I have a budget for buying a camcorder and laptop for uni. I could spend more on the SD900 and less on a laptop, if I think I need the SD900.

    My main desire here is image quality. Less bothered about lots of amazing colours filming a landscape from the top of a mountain, more close up shots of people + movement, accurate skin tones, for Vlogs and the such.

    What I'm really not sure about is if a 3mos system makes that much difference. Its the main difference between these two, but is the end image quality worth the extra 300? I've tried to find cheaper models than the SD900 with a 3mos system but these have no mic jack and are basically useless to me.

    Yes there are further differences between the two other than the 3mos but I just wonder that while Im at this end of the market looking at consumer products, will spending extra money on a model more expensive than the SD90 be worth it, or would the image quality not be much better anyway?

    Thanks in advance for help

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    Well if you read the title:
    Panasonic SD90 Full HD 1920x1080p (50p) 3D Ready Camcorder - Black (SD Card Recording, x40 Intelligent Zoom, x26 Optical Zoom, 28mm Wide Angle Lens & iA + Face Recognition & New Hybrid OIS)

    Panasonic SD900 Full HD 1920x1080p (50p) 3D Ready Camcorder - Black (3MOS sensor, SD Card Recording, Leica Dicomar Lens and Manual Control Ring)

    The 300 one is selling you features which are irrelevant, The lower one is selling you a proper lens with a manual control ring and a 3MOS sensor, Yes it does justify the 200-300 increase in cost, You WILL notice an improvement.

    You could spend more money on a laptop, But to be honest I can spend 5K on a power-house editing suite and if my input material is not good, It won't be good from the start.

    Or if I can suggest, Find yourself an electronics shop, See if they have these 2 cameras and ask for a Demo of them both, Try them out see how they perform!
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    This is great news for me, I had held off on buying the TM700 (waiting to earn the money to pay cash because it's half price). And along comes the next model for the same price just as I now have the money - woohoo

    This is the best review I have found, it has something to say about the 3D capability - basicaly I don't think you would buy this camera for the 3D, but you would buy it for it's high sub-$1k specs.

    Panasonic HDC-TM900 Camcorder review - Trusted Reviews

    It's mine mine mine - tx for this post

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