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Thread: Will a graphics card make a difference for video editing?

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    Question Will a graphics card make a difference for video editing?

    Hey guys. I'm going to be working mainly with Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe After FX (not at the same time) to edit HD video from a Canon 7D DSLR to edit music videos. I'm building a desktop to perform my tasks, but on a budget. I've had a technician compile a list of components to build my own desktop to handle the work. In this list, there's no graphics card included. I've searched the internet and found 2 sides, one side says graphics cards will not make a big difference on video editing. They say it will help the display in the software editor but not necessarily the quality or render speed of the finished product. The other side says it will, and you need a high-end card for videoediting. I'm not sure who to believe. If it does not make a significant difference I would like to stay away from buying one and save money for a better monitor. Here is my list. I understand that video editing relies heavily on the CPU and RAM which is number 2 and 3 on he list. What do you guys think, would it be beneficial to add a graphics card in there?

    1 525667 1 GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 1155 119.99 119.99 *
    2 200170 1 INTEL BOX Intel Core i7-2600 249.99 249.99
    3 221093 1 CORSAIR 8GB 2X4 D3 1600 DIMM 84.99 84.99
    4 802686 1 COOLMAST 500W EXTRME V3 ATX2. 37.99 37.99
    5 824953 1 SONYBULK SONY 24X DVDRW SATA 18.99 18.99
    6 775288 1 THERMALTA V4 BLK GAMING CHASS 39.99 39.99
    7 646901 1 SEAGATE 1TB 3.5" SATA 7200RPM 49.99 49.99

    This comes out to total about $600. If you guys suggest I get a graphics card based on my work, I really don't want to go over 700 for this desktop.
    I would like suggestions that give the best bang for my buck. I would like to keep a $100 limit on the card. Which I know is severely limiting, but I cannot see myself paying hundreds on video cards mostly used for gaming.

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    A cheap dedicated 256mb graphics card will always be of benefit to take the strain off the system board.

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    Premiere pro has a feature called Mercury Playback Engine. MPE makes use of certain Nvidia graphic cards. as far as i am aware your chosen editing platform (Sony Vegas) does not rely on the graphic card to accelerate features within.

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    Programs don't adapt with the graphic cards much, it will only change better quality on your computer and run visuals faster.

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    The new versions of Vegas do take advantage of CUDA enabled graphics cards but if you processor is quite fast already and if your paying less than $500 for your card, you won't notice any real word advantage. It may enable you to preview with a smoother playback if you have a nice graphic card.

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