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Thread: cant playback .Vob in vegas

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    Default cant playback .Vob in vegas

    i have downloaded a "VIDEO_TS" folder via a torrent.
    it pays back fine in VLC, menu and all.
    the trouble is i want to edit the film in Sony Vegas.
    the folder contains several "Vob" files, i can play all but one of these files in Sony Vegas.
    none of the "Vob" files i can play have he first few minutes of the film.
    any ideas?

    thanks in advance...

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    I think you will not get any support on this site from a single member here.

    Illegal downloading of content is frowned upon heavily and this community cannot possibly condone or encourage the use of illegal file sharing. Never mind teaching users how to actually do it!

    I should warn you that the UK government is getting tighter on file-sharing...Eventually they will have an act that will allow ISPs to cut your internet access off and fine you for breaking copy-right law. I suggest you cease file-sharing before you are forced to stop.

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    im not doing anything illegal, withdraw your remark imediately. that is very pathetic of you indeed. you can always ask me whats going on for further clarification, before you acuse me of criminal acts, you fuckwit.

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    I could ask you what is going on or you could present the information up front so as to avoid any misunderstandings, Especially given the stigma surrounding piracy of music/software/movies what kind of response did you think

    "i have downloaded a "VIDEO_TS" folder via a torrent. "

    Would generate? And considering that I know a .vob file with VIDEO_TS is often a rip from a DVD what other explanation is there?

    And if you are taking great offense to my statement, Which is the bubble wrapped version of what I think of E-pirates I do humbly apologize, but I have NEVER come across a legitimate reason why a user would seek to edit a "VIDEO_TS" folder from a torrent download. I have used torrent downloads for software such as "Blender" an open source 3D editing project so whilst I am aware that not all torrent file shares are evil, The bulk of their use is for piracy.

    If you can prove me wrong, I would be happy to be proven wrong but please refrain from cursing at me for a simple statement.

    Oh and in case you thought I was lying:
    BBC News - Net firms in music pirates deal

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    ok, thanks for being reasonable.
    i havent come here to argue, but if i explain myself wil you help please?
    nice one.

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    no reply? no help? anyone have any ideas?

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    i cannot belive how bad this forum is.
    if anyone has a a similar problem just watch this....
    Importing video from DVD into Sony Vegas Movie Studio - YouTube

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