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    Hi all,

    Normally I would spend quite a bit of time on Google researching the different brands and models but my head is currently fit to burst with high end PC specifications and hardware and if I have to start reading more reviews and guides for another product, I think my brain will shut-down! If you have experience with the below device and have knowledge of what will help me please do share! but if you have no knowledge of a device that will work please do not feel obligated to search for one yourself!

    I'm looking for a device that will receive HDMI and composite into the box, Record it onto a HD, Allow a not too technically minded user to transfer said footage from device using Windows, But also allow play-back of footage recorded on the device to the TV.

    So just to be clear

    --- TV composite OUT goes to HDD composite IN goes to video file on HD.
    --- TV HDMI OUT goes to HDD HDMI IN goes to video file on HD
    Above files can be transferred from the unit to a PC via USB.

    --- HDD composite OUT goes to TV composite in
    --- HDD HDMI out goes to TV HDMI in.

    Max budget is 200 and bearing in mind, I am specifically not asking for a "professional product" this needs to be usable by anyone who can record a VHS tape.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Not seen one, but am sure the HDMI in a TV is in only and not out.

    If you can get a HDMI recorder for HD at 200 I too would be interested
    Enter The Ninja

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