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    Hi all. Around a year back I posted a music video I directed for The B Goodes (

    I've done a few things with them since, including a documentary that'll be out at the end of the year.

    A few days ago we shot two, one take, videos. There isnt too much to critique I guess. I was quite proud that I managed to retain some colour in the sky along with bringing out the dark colours of clothing on John (far right).

    Main reason for posting is to ask - is it interesting?

    Im considering offering this as a service for around £100 (shooting and edit). One take (obviously restarting if needs be) in a visually engaging location.

    (shot on a borrowed Cannon 500D with stock lens).

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    Quote Originally Posted by three1ne View Post
    Main reason for posting is to ask - is it interesting?
    Personally I don't think so. That doesn't mean it's not marketable as a concept though.
    If it was 1971 footage of Led Zepellin doing something off LZ 3, then it might work, but that's because LZ are big time stars and and any film is worshipped.

    I think the problem with marketing this concept is most bands of that level will take a look and have a friend/relation with a video camera and think they can do just as well for free.

    They can't, of course, but by the time they'rve realised that they've already got something which approached what you've got here. Was the sound live? If so, good job, but not perfect, if not - then they should re-record, play along to the recorded track then substitutre the recorded track for the lve one in post.

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    Like Tim, I thought it would be better for a band to mime to a pre recorded track. However, I like the live element of this particular track as for me it gives it a nice feel and I like the song. It should be recorded better though. A tip to keep the sky looking blue is to put an ND filter on the lens and don't shoot in auto mode otherwise the camera will try and compensate for the darkness of the filter.

    You question "is it interesting ?". This will depend on the band you are shooting. I can see that it works for this band as their personalities come across and it's a nice song BUT for another band it might totally fail. Some people can just look into a camera and the viewer is transfixed. I guess that's the X factor which is out of your control.

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    Cheers guys. The sound was recorded live. They wanted a live performance.

    It was actually recorded on a mini-dv cam that was just out of shot (as the 500d is useless when it comes to sound).

    I think its a possibility I might offer this as a basic package for the said amount but make sure I advertise other rates for a full music video etc. Although again, I agree, I am likely to run into 'the mate' that can do it for free. In fact I already have on one occasion.

    Additionally, I wonder if there would be an interest from parents of children/teenagers who play a musical instrument and like the idea of having a performance professionally filmed.

    ND filter is something I would have appreciated on that day but i'm only borrowing equipment atm.

    (obviously im just throwing up ideas atm and dont intent to do this until I have my own equipment)

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    Do not under any circumstances spend money on equipment until you have finalized your target market, Your rates and whether or not there will be a steady income.

    If you get jobs lined up, You can charge your fees to cover the cost of renting a VERY good camera for £100 for an entire week-end compared to spending £800 on a camera you will "own"

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    My problem is that if I was to test out the above job for £100 it simply doesnt work from a profitable point of view. Especially when you consider I will be using equipment I havent used before. I'd have to double my price which clearly isnt good for anyone.

    Although I take your point and I wouldnt buy anything purely for an untested business venture. I plan on buying new equipment for personal use anyway.

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