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    Hi all friends,

    I am new member in this forum. I couldn't get any introduction thread so I decided to introduce myself here. My name is Jeremy Campbell. I am very glad to find a good community Forum site. Recently join here to discuss it's all categories. I joined in this group learned so much. I like to cultivate myself and Gain some knowledge. I hope all friends will corporate with me in this community.

    I am looking for your reply.

    Best Regards.
    Jeremy Campbell

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    I need to tell you of some very serious rules that we have:

    - Relax and enjoy the forum
    - Feel free to ask any question or comment on anything
    - Get involved with discussing the work of others or discussing new topics.

    Follow the above 3, and you'll do just fine

    Oh and welcome!

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    BTW the "Introduction" section is here:

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    Hello Friends,

    Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate all of the opportunities that you have given me. Your unique perspective, positive attitude, guidance and encouragement have made it a pleasure working with you. I know that you will achieve great things in this community.

    Thanks and Regards.
    Jeremy Campbell

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    Oh how I hate the spam bots...

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