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Thread: Beginner Kinetic Typography

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    Default Beginner Kinetic Typography

    Heres a Kinetic typography i made , please comment and criticize i want to get better !

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    I'm always impressed by this sort of thing. I think you've made a great job of it. There were a couple of work that were hard to read because they were dark on a dark background but most of it was great.

    Well done.

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    thank you very much , i would agree with you on the parts being dark , what was i thinking putting black text on a dark background :P

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    If you guys don't mind, would you also look at my typography. I consider myself intermediate - still have a long way to go. But, please, comment/criticize. Anything will be beneficial.

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    They are both very impressive, enjoyed them both!

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    Hello guys , I created a new credits video ,which i found was really cool

    And a unfinished physics video

    And a video for my Gf ,

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    Stoppit Stoppit Stoppit!
    The whole point is ONE VIDEO PER THREAD so we all know which video we're talking about!
    Thread closed.

    Please repost in separate threads if you want feedback.

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