Alright, I am pretty frustrated at this point. I have also looked all over the internet with no solution. I have transferred and edited videos before with no issues at all, this just started happening with the latest video I was about to edit. I have made no changes to any hardware or software. I checked updates for Windows and Dell. The basic problem is that during the capture process, there is a problem with only the audio. Video is fine. The audio is only being captured a few milliseconds every few seconds. Choppy is an understatement. Just to be sure on everything, I replaced the firewire card and the firewire cable. The audio sounds fine on playback on the camcorder. Music plays fine on my computer through Winamp or Youtube for instance. I've tried eliminating all possibilities!! I even tried a different video editing program and the same thing happened, so I know it's not an issue with my regular software. I'm running Windows Vista, I have plenty of memory, no other issues with computer. Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you.