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    I filmed some very important stuff on Sunday with two different video cameras. One's exposure was unfortuneatley set all of the way up.

    I really can't afford to lose all of this footage, is there anyway to correct the exposure in Adobe Premeire to make this footage viewable?

    Right now it's way too bright, almost white in some places. Anything that can be done?

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    Most probably not. You'll be able to fiddle with the settings, but you won't get much detail back unfortunately.

    A lesson learnt, i'm afraid.
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    Post a small clip on here (<5MB) from both cameras.

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    i will upload that tonight as soon as i get out of class. thanks a lot guys!

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    I'll have to agree with mrlipring I'm afraid. Your much less likely to pull usable material from an overexposed source than you would be from an under exposed source.

    The video effects you'll need to look at though are 'levels'. Pay with the sliders to try and get an even distribution of colour. That'll likely be your best bet. You might then also want to try combining this with contrast, brightness and small amounts of colour correction.

    But because of the rendering involved it might be easier to export a frame or two and then play with it in Photoshop to see if you can get it right. Once you have the correct settings to use then translate those settings to Premiere and then sit back and wait for the render.

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