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Thread: Where should I go to buy a Video Editing PC?

  1. Default Where should I go to buy a Video Editing PC?

    Hi there,
    I've been editing videos for several years. I use Sony Vegas Pro. My boyfriend is in a band and the majority of the filming and editing I have done is of his performances. I upload some videos to YouTube, but also put them on DVD for his band and parents to watch (and one day our children can watch them!). The YouTube videos I create are 5 mins max. The DVDs can range from 60-90mins. I'd like to start creating some compilation discs

    Most recently I used to use an old Acer laptop for my editing, but rendering times were painfully slow.

    I'd like to buy a new desktop PC for between 450-550. Where is the best place to buy one? I've been looking at a few sellers who build machines on ebay, but I don't really know what to look for.

    Can I get a semi-decent desktop for this price? What should I be looking for, and from where? I have upgraded parts within desktops in the past, but I don't have the time, or the technical know-how to build something from scratch.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    These are a couple of systems I have looked at on ebay: d30600c9a#ht_2789wt_1270]Fast Sandybridge QUAD CORE 16GB RAM VIDEO EDITING PC | eBay[/URL]
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    If I may suggest, Do not touch that machine with a foot long pole. Reading through the spec so many warning lights went off in my head. To give an example:

    In the title they claim:

    In the description:
    Intel Core i3 2100 Dual Core + Hyper Threading CPU 2 x 3.1ghz Std.
    Will run as four cores in system properties

    They are telling you "Buy our Quad Core PC" when in reality it's a dual core system.
    It has no graphics card. Instead relying on system graphics and whilst I would trust an I5 processor for on-board graphics, The I3 really is at the low end for on board graphics.
    To achieve that system speed, I suspect they will have over-clocked it as much as they can without thought for system stability or long term usage.

    A price for a system that I would think would be very good for video editing would be 900 - But for your budget you can get a perfectly adequate system that will definitely out-pace your laptop for speed.

    For a system that will "just do" I'd suggest this system = 545.76 inc vat.
    3xs Systemsf you can stretch the budget a bit more, You can get a 1TB HDD for 10 more, You can get Windows 7 professional for 20 more. And for 20 more you can get a hidden partition installed by their shop which is a great get out of jail free card if you want to quickly wipe the OS and start anew. Of course it's not quite as effective as wiping the drive and install the OS yourself from scratch, For the user who wants a quick system wipe it's a great compromise!

    35 of that cost is for their engineer to come to your house and set it up for you, But you can save the 35 by collecting it yourself.

    + You get brand recognition and dedicated customer support by buying through a dedicated manufacturer of custom systems, These people can't just collapse and make a new Ebay shop if they get a bad reputation especially when they manufacture systems for these kind of customers Scan 3XS SystemsOh and if your still not convinced Scan 3xs System awards - Winner of Dream PC 2009 with the Jelly Fish Just look at the kudos they have earned from their system builds. Since February 2004

    Now, I will say that I am not a representative of this company nor do I have any stocks or shares invested with them But I decided to purchase from an "Ebay" seller of custom systems and got bitten badly for it 400 down the drain because after the 1st year the cheap PSU they installed fried the entire system. So I will never touch an Ebay seller again unless I know people who have had positive experience with them.

    HOWEVER, another user might find an even better deal for you out there, That is the great thing about the internet, always a better deal around the corner.

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    Thanks for your advice, and sharing your experience with ebay. Someone in another forum has mentioned to me that i3's are duel-core only.
    (ignore initial comment, I've got the link to work) 3xs Systems

    Many thanks
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    Yeah...How odd it does not work anymore, Try now!

    Scan 3XS Systems

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