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Thread: Bad and repeated crashes with CS4/RTX 2

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    Default Bad and repeated crashes with CS4/RTX 2

    Hi All.

    I've been working with my now old system Final Cut Pro V5.1 on my old Mac G5 Dual for years and it worked really well, every time. It Never crashed! I also work with music and learnt (having been burnt many times) to keep my system that works, not put it on the web to auto update etc unless you have tested it fully.

    My PC/Adobe Premiere/RTX 2 system which I have run now for over two years has been total pain in the ass - it's killing me! It crashed all the time for the most stupid and annoying reasons. There appears to be many other people experiencing similar Adobe issues.

    I have tried full (numerous and varied) system reinstalls. I've tried (I think) everything. I've read many threads on many forums. Jobs that should be simple can turn into knightmares... It appears to be an issue when a project is over 5 GB with slo-mo and lots of edits, which funnily enough most of my work has...

    What is your experience of using this system/software?



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    My first question to you, What spec is your hardware and what OS are you running?
    I could try to install Adobe CS5 with all the high end software on a 300 PC, does not mean the PC will be able to cope with it

    Computers will often do what they are built for, not what we want them to do! If your PC was built for Email, web browsing and using MS Office, then it will do that, but if you then ask it to handle a premium high end piece of software like Adobe Premier with great system demands then clearly, "Jobs that should be simple can turn into nightmares" And because you are saying it's when a project is of a large size and when you are using multiple FX, I think it is down to you asking the hardware to do more than it can do.

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    Default Adobe Horrors

    Hi Bpotter908.

    Thanks for your reply, however I am an old fart who has been working with pooters since they were invented. I own run about 10 different machines, Macs and PCs and have quite an archive of old machines (Including Atari 1040) solely for reinstating old archived work.

    This particular PC system was bought from a highly reputable and dedicated video computer company 2 years ago; purpose built and very powerful and expensive, loads of memory and ram - about 5K as I remember. Time has taken it toll and I cannot reasonably now go back to the supplier and ask them to rectify the problem. Having bought it I didn't really use the system for a year so it was not until about 15-18 months later I realised the software/system was flakey. I run Pro Tools on another user account on the same machine and push it to hell running over 100 channels of audio with a gazillion plugins. The machine and processor are good, very good.

    I've reverted to the very same disk image/Win 7 pro OS system/software (Adobe CS4) install as was supplied. It was tested by the seller fully. Still it don't work how I would like and always wigs out just when I don't need it...

    I also keep my machines off of the net unless I tell it to and keep them very clean/lean.

    So to answer your question; "I think it is down to you asking the hardware to do more than it can do." No, I bought a system specifically to do the kind of work I do. I'm not doing anything different than I was on my Dual G5/Final Cut Pro; HD1080 video. In fact I "Upgraded" to the PC!

    Thanks again tho BP.


    P.S. RTX 2 has correct version driver for my version of Win 7 Pro/CS4

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    "Having bought it I didn't really use the system for a year so it was not until about 15-18 months later I realised the software/system was flakey"
    Oh No! Sounds like your reputable seller did you a dodgy job then and because you never used it for that length of time you cannot go back to them and complain! I mean that's like buying a car for 5K, leaving it sit in your garage for a year and then when you discover issues trying to work it out. Would you be willing to actually open the side of the unit and make sure that the parts they "sold you" are actually inside the machine?

    "about 5K as I remember"
    Considering the sheer ammount you spent with them, See if you can spend a session with one of their engineers to show them exactly what is wrong with the system, Hopefully, the engineer if he cares at all about his customer will say "Oh my word, I'm very sorry about this, We seem to have done something wrong, We'll take it off your hands and put it back to rights for you" Considering the sheer cost of the unit and given that you have already wiped it back to factory settings...The issue lies firmly with the system builder!

    I'm guessing you did not buy any extended warranty or support options with them?

    And if I may ask, Who is the seller in question?...I dearly hope it is not as they have quite an impressive track record for quality of systems and service.

    Without having the physical machine in front of me and playing around with it for an hour, I cannot give you any more advice other than the builders clearly screwed up, See if you can get them to fix it! Though your chances may be slim giving the long period of time before you used it.

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    Time passing is what happens when one goes through a divorce...I feel it would be unreasonable of me to go back to the supplier given my situation and the time that has passed.

    I don't think the seller did a dodgy job. A friend has a similar system from the same supplier, although he does not handle such big projects...As I said I used the original image that was supplied on the set up/sale and that is what I'm using now, other than some other additional plugins which I need to use. It appears to be the most stable setup. Projects always start good and decline as editing gets more complex.

    My experiences with host based systems (on both Mac and PC with Pro Audio) that use third party hardware are that they are/can be problematic. You then add twenty different plugin manufacturers, a few PCI cards and a couple of USB devices to the chain and matters get quite messy. My Adobe system is however as basic as it could be; RTX 2/Adobe CS4/A few utility software programmes & Plugins.

    By the way... Having got to a point where my current project would repeatedly crash, I had to import all the clips into another project/timeline and edit the entire video again to work. Yesterday I completed the job with only one crash when adding titles. Today when I tried to open the project it opens, yet it will not play anything, as soon as I hit play the spinning blue wheel of death run for ever and I have to force quit.... I did open a much older project which also would not play...

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    I think all of us would wish we can help you...but a bespoke piece of hardware for 5000 that does not perform to specification should be down to the supplier, There are professional suppliers who WILL guarantee that a system they build will work with x, y, z third party hardware and software. Really the only option is to find yourself a proper system builder rather than ask for advice from us who have no money invested in your system and won't feel as obliged to assist as a dedicated technician. Divorce is not a light matter despite what the popular day time TV shows would have you believe, It often is a messy scenario and I can understand why this machine fell to the bottom of your to-do list when it happened.

    There might be a user in your same specific use case who could help you might get lucky and find someone here!

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