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    Pinnacle Studio 14 HD Ultimate

    WINDOWS 7 / 64 BIT / Intel Q6600 Core 2Duo Quad / 8GB DDR2

    I am sorry about the ramblings,but needed to convey more than a simple question. thx

    I've tried looking in the Studio's INDEX. and FAQs about this recent problem, and could not take it anymore, hence, this post.

    Well something is going on. I captured video, was editing it, in the middle of all this the screen went white, then STUDIO NOT RESPONDING is what I saw on the very top. I inserted the install CD to run a repair, but same thing. I got to as far as trying to put a TITLE in the timeline, but all the thumbnails are blank and BLACK in color.
    What I also see is all exclamation points under both the TITLE EDIT > PRESETS/SETTINGS>The bottom LOOKS (Aa) and the MOTION, on the very bottom, but the VIDEO,PHOTOS, and OBJECTS are still there..
    And under the TITLE tab all I see is STANDARD, that's all. (but all the boxes were blank, like I said) I remember seeing more than just 'Standard' there before.
    I re-inserted the Install disc and saw upgrade from the CD list, it then prompted me to click something and then told me congratulations, I was upgraded from HD to ULTIMATE, when I thought I had this all along.
    I went to control panel and saw these three>
    Pinnacle Studio 14
    Pinnacle Creative pack Vol. 2
    Pinnacle Ultimate Plugins
    AND under this, I saw what I just thought I downloaded from the CD, but may have not done so properly. If all these plugins is included on this CD, are there any more titles, montages, or any other plugins, that are free, or is that all we get with this CD?
    RedGiant Knoll Light factory / Redgiant Toonit / Magic Bullet Looks Studio
    Red Giant > KnolEZ Studio / RGtoonit Studio / TC3Stroke Studio / TCParticular Studio / and TC Shine Studio....
    I also noticed in TITLES, all the PRESETS are BLANK.

    The last thing I saw, a window popped up and stated, "STUDIO PROGRAM FILE HAS STOPPED WORKING".
    Can I install this over itself to fix these problems? Or if I have to uninstall it, reinstall it. Will I lose all valuable finished and pending working projects? Should I move MY PROJECTS to another drive? Also the .SCN and. STX files too?

    I first saw the faded white transparent window during EDITING, I immediately rebooted, emptied cookies, temp files, and recycle bin, and opened up Studio again, for which I got this massages. ..."STUDIO PROGRAM FILE HAS STOPPED WORKING",

    Ok, the first thing was to...
    Defrag all three hard drives.
    1) Performed a Disk Cleanup.
    2) Updated and ran Malware Utility. The quick scan found 8 Trojan BHO files originating in the registry files.

    Now if I decide to uninstall and clean install of the 14HD again, I will probably LOSE all my "works in progress" projects.

    I see in (C) User>My Documents>Pinnacle Studio, with a folder containing Disc Images, and My Projects". I went to (F) and saw under my created folder, "Pinnacle Movies Folder", which contained lots of .scn, and index, .avi.index, files etc.

    I usually Capture, Edit, Make Movie, and save either as a MP4 file, or Burn as a DVD/Best Quality, then DELETE all the associated files for each project. But lately, I've been burning a few, and changing up the content for other family DVD's, but I certainly do not want to spend the time editing full DVD length movies all over again....what exact files do I need to SAVE these to an External Drive for safe keeping to be able to bring these back into the studio to edit again?

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    Hi again...
    I have two' Program Files' listed under the (C) Drive...

    Program Files (not this one)

    Program Files (x86)....... this is where I see this....


    Shared Files
    Studio 14
    Studio 14 Plugins
    RED GIANT >> KnollEZStudio, and RGToonitStudio
    And under the MY DOCUMENTS,
    Pinnacle Studio,
    MY DISC IMAGES, are here, but still in the (C) Drive.
    Could I move BOTH FOLDERS to the External Drive, then put back in if they are missing after my re-install? If I don't ask questions first, then lose all my work, then i will not be a happy camper. Thanks.

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    "8 Trojan BHO files originating in the registry files." = DANGER
    Clearly, There are issues with your system, With the presence of viruses and what appears to be a corrupt HDD, I would suggest that you find a professional IT engineer in your local area, who is PAID to get your data off the machine safely and to fix any ailments your machine is suffering from, you could also ask him to install and test the software you want to use. He can also help you setup systems that will help prevent such an event from happening again and he can help you with setting up a reliable method of backing up your data to keep it safe.

    I took the liberty of browsing through, all 24 of your posts that you have made on this forum and the majority of them are all about Pinnacle Studio.

    It sounds to me, like many of the issues you are experiencing are down to a lack of knowledge about how the system works, which is ok! We all had to learn how these devices work from scratch and there is nothing wrong with being a newbie

    Now, I'm going to try and give you some advice to help you out of your trouble spot however, This advice comes from someone who is not an experienced professional and I am the kind of person who if I try to fix something one way and it does not work, I will spend 3 hours trying to fix it if I have to but eventually I'll get it.

    In terms of how "comfortable" you are with taking that risk on for yourself, You will have to make a judgement call on that. I would also add that you will find many "helpful" users on forums such as these, but at the end of the day, we can all give advice from the comfort of our computer and not have to deal with the consequences when it goes wrong. So again, weigh up advice carefully!

    I would suggest that you do not attempt, to recover any data off the hard drive that cannot be replaced, I think you need to do a clean wipe and re-install of Windows, I think you need to get yourself anti virus security in place, I think you need to begin maintenance of your system on a regular basis, and I think that you MUST come up with a suitable backup solution for your data.

    What I would say to the families who would like a change to the DVD is the following:

    If you ARE charging them for it:
    Hello, I'm really sorry but I had a serious system crash and all the data was lost, I still have the original files kept safely and I would be very happy to perform a re-edit of the video for you at a discounted rate compared to what I charged you for in the past. I should warn you that I cannot guarantee the edit will look the same as the one I produced for you and it will take some time to do.
    If you are NOT charging them for it:
    Hello, Sorry but I cannot make any changes to your family DVD as my computer suffered a serious crash and I was forced to wipe it completely, I am very happy to make another one for you but it will take time for me to do that. Sorry! But I hope the DVD you already have is sufficient for your needs.
    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    That would be my advice, You've told us your system registry is infected and often the only real solution to that is a complete wipe, I personally would never touch a computer that had been compromised that badly unless the drive was wiped clean. I also suggest that any data you try to pull off it is scanned vigorously and only take data that you NEED to keep. I'm sorry for the trouble you have experienced with your system and I regret that I cannot give you a program that will fix it quickly and easily for you with no data loss...but when a building is damaged, it often is a messy process to put it back together.

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    Downloaded the trial Studio 15 HD,,,,it's working fine. I'm thinking a corrupted DVD Install disc. Ran full and extensive Malware and Antivirus scans and found one tracking cookie.

    Checked all HDD'S for bad or missing sectors and all passed. I just wrote about a six paragraphs in a reply of what I did, then hit the wrong "REPLY" and lost it all. Too tired to reiterate what I just wrote, so suffice to say, all is working with the trial 15. very strange

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