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Thread: The Cradle Will Fall: Short Thriller Film

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    Default The Cradle Will Fall: Short Thriller Film

    Synopsis: A young girl phones the emergency services in distress. The police arrive at a derelict building to find something very mysterious.

    Written, directed and edited by Callum Thomson

    The Cradle Will Fall(2011): Short Thriller Film - YouTube

    Let me know what you think.
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    Impressive tracking shot when the police man enters the basement. Must have taken a few takes to get that right. You must have had a very talented camera operator on board! Tension was built up nicely throughout the film, but I was expecting more from the ending. Technically didn't see anything wrong with it though. Well done.

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    You won't hear me say this very often BUT I was wanting this to last longer. It's more like the opening to a much longer movie than a stand alone short.

    I was very impressed with all the technical aspects camera, lighting, sound, well right up until the last line. What happened? If your going to do lip sync., you need to make sure it's spot on, especially on the punch line.

    Nice opening shot, good tense atmosphere.

    A good job.

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    Thanks very much for the great feedback guys.

    The basement shot was achieved with a steadicam flyer and lots of practice up until then.

    I'll double check the lip syncing because I haven't noticed a problem before.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it

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    I can echo what the others have said.
    Something to watch - some of the OTS shots looking at the detective were a bit poorly framed in that the girl's head was only just in (and moved in and out of) shot. Try to ensure it is all in frame.At 0:40 you have a moving camera which brings the back of her ead into the frame and she immediately moves out of it (causing a distraction). Similar around 3:20. Picky, I know, be might as well aim for perfect, eh?

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    Again, Lip-synch is the most distracting item in the video as Midnight pointed out.

    In the tunnel scene...what on earth was that torch the officer was carrying? It looked like a mag-light, but in very dark spots, there was no light shining from the torch at all?...The "red" colour was a little distracting for my taste.

    But...Everything else left me amazed, There are is opportunity to develop this into a nice little mini-series if you fancy making more!

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