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Thread: Adding Images to EXISTING Photo Montage...HELP...!!!

  1. Default Adding Images to EXISTING Photo Montage...HELP...!!!


    I put together a really nice photo slide show/montage for my brother & sister-in-law's 50th wedding anniversary (remember...some in here even helped...thanx). neice found another 40 photos...& they want them included an a revised slide be shown tomorrow, at my brother's birthday party.

    So...I obviously need to place them into an existing TimeLine...& my question is...

    1) is there a way to drag a selection rectangle around a large segment of still photos & audio...(from a certain point all the way to the end)...split that away from the overall timeline & slide it downscale (right), so as to then add 1 or more still images...AND transition the end of the untouched left section...& then slide the right section back to the left to connect...???

    2) or is there a way to split the existing timeline exactly in between 2 still images...without screwing up the transition's relationship to the open area...& add 1 or more still images...AND transition between...???

    I can't seem to edit new photos into an existing timeline without screwing up the in...I'm not sure how to deal with those transitions in the overall process of placing in new images.
    Can they be vertically another adjacent track...then brought back in...???

    There has to be an EASIER way to accomplish this...& I need to do it fast...!!!

    Please help...thanx,

    SONY Vegas Movie Studio 8.0

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    If you turn on auto ripple then any clip you drag to the left or right will also move everthing on the time line to the right of the curser along with it. You can set this to affect all tracks or just one track. If you just want to select a few clips you can select one then hold down the ctrl key and click on another clip and all the clips between will be selected then dragging one selected clip will drag all selected clips.

    To insert a clip in the middle of the time line you can place the curser where you want the new clip and then double click it in the explorer window or select it and press return.

    These are just some ways of addressing your issue.

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    the ripple edit thing did the trick...


    ...after I would reconnect everything...

    ...where the NEW image met the untouched left section...

    ...I could not add a transition between those two.

    I even pulled the crossfade half to the end of the left clip (which had been half of a transition)...

    ...but it still didn't work. thought that was weird. to finish the slide show, I had to just do a manual crossfade between those two...every time I added a new image...between that new image & the original image to it's left.


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