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Thread: So who has got a GO PRO?

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    Default So who has got a GO PRO?

    I just brought one....... Good or bad thing???

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    What did you buy it for? I have one, they're amazing!

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    I've used one a couple of times and they're great. Got some really cool, interesting shots that could have never been achieved with my other kit. Have fun!
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    I brought it because I would like to record action from outside a vehicle...did try to record something inside a vehicle too and the 170 degee lens one can see inside the whole vehicle ...reminds me of a birds eye view literally even if they they have 20/20 vision in reality. the only down side I can see is no video view so it is impossible to set correctly..guess work on framing a piece... too early to say but looks like I am going to have fun with it!!


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