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Thread: Sony Vidcap Capture Details

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    Default Sony Vidcap Capture Details

    I was working on a long term project when I wanted to find out the date and time that I'd filmed (miniDV) a couple of clips.

    I right-clicked on them, but couldn't find the info under Properties | General (only info about the file on the computer - last accessed, modified, created etc)

    I then checked a couple fo recent clips, and there is the info - neatly under a heading "Capture".

    It then began to dawn on me that this info was perhaps retrieved from the *.sfvidcap file, rather than the clip itself. Infrequently I delete all the entries in Default.sfvidcap, because it just slows everything down (waits to populate before I can capture) and I didn't think I actually needed the info for anything ... until now

    Anyway, my questions are plenty:

    Is the capture info held as metadata in the captured file or not?
    If it is, how do I get at that info?
    If not, is my only option to re-capture the footage and llo at the infor on those recaptured clips?
    How do you others manage your sfvidcap files - one sfvidcap per project?

    EDIT: OK I've solved my immediate problem of getting at that info, by using the excellent DVDate utility DVdate 7.1.1 - Downloads
    However, given the info is embedded in the captured file, is there no way I can retrieve it from within Vegas?
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