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Thread: student budget HD camcorder?!?

  1. Default student budget HD camcorder?!?

    hi, I`m looking for a camcorder to shoot this kinda videos with

    It needs to shoot at least 720p at 50/60fps because of the action shots and the helmet camera I have shoots like that as well. I will also be using this camera on a scorpion rig or a fig rig, so it needs some kind of image stabilization.
    Imagine no budget than recomend the beast for least.
    Best regards.

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    Cue Thought Provoking Story
    I met a man once...he told me that he wanted a BMW-M series...but knowing the cost of a BMW, he asked me what car he could get that would do the job of a BMW but for dirt cheap.

    Now, Whilst the story above is made up, what is true is the metaphor, You really do get what you pay for!

    "Imagine no budget than recomend the beast for least."
    If I had NO budget? I would say do not bother...With no budget you cannot be a painter, or a chef, so you cannot be a video guy without a budget.

    Now, I believe you DO have a budget and whether it is a 50 budget or a 5000 budget, we need to know exactly how much you are willing to spend or can spend in order to best advise.

    If your still reading, then please understand this message was written with the intention of helping you find the right camcorder, we just need the right information before we can help you

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    well, I`m an amateur photographer so at first I was looking at Sony HX9v fo its recording at picture taking capabilities, but the lack of manual setting in the movie section really turns me off. So, at first I wanted to buy just the Sony which is about 350, but then I bought a Contour HD which was about 170, so I have lets say 200 left.
    That would be that.
    Best regards.

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    could the samsung HMX-q10 be it? seems like a nice deal and a good set of features.

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