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Thread: A Couple Music Videos that need Feedback

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    Default A Couple Music Videos that need Feedback

    First time poster to this site, so not sure if I'm supposed to post them together or one at a time. Fairly new to editing so nothing fancy but none the less I appreciate the criticism.

    First up, attempted to shoot a video for a friends band while they were in the studio recording(also happened to be some guys house).
    Violent Remedy - Less Than Perfect (Un-Offical Studio Edition) - YouTube

    Second up, same song just with some test shots for green screen, these guys for some reason like to give me a hard time with getting together and finishing projects.
    Violent Remedy - Less Than Perfect (Test Video Sampler) - YouTube

    Thirdly, these guys asked me to film them for a contest, the one camera didn't turn out so we turned it all black and white to compensate.
    Step Echo - Run To You Live - COVER ME CANADA ( Bryan Adams ) - YouTube

    Lastly, I had nothing to do with this, so I don't need any feedback from it, however I enjoy it so much I just wanted to share.

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    Please post one video per thread so we don't get confused.

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    1st vid = usualy hate this music, but plenty appealing about this band, and your production was good because first I thought the still pic of guitarist was you guys being rad - next time don't explain it - just say 'we are rad' lol, it was fine For example when you first did a close up of the singer but it was ten seconds before he sang - that was genius - it tied in with the still pic guitarist - if you could plan that stuff you'd be unreal!

    2nd vid = once again, all good and then you completely expose the green screen/studio as if to make a parady of the whole thing - wonderful! Your 'mistakes' seem to be your greatest assett, and above all, it makes you different! Lots of innocent and fresh stuff - keep thinking away from the ordinary - you have a knack for it - sometimes that's all it takes, just be honest and different.

    3rd vid - cover version, oh yeah very well played, expected video - NEXT! (see what I mean about being different?)
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    Sorry about posting multiple links, I'll refrain in the future.

    Not sure how to take Stripe's comment, at first I thought it was sarcastic and than it seemed genuine. The still pic in the first is because after 30+ hours of sitting around waiting in a studio I still didn't get the shots I needed. They somehow managed to knock out all the guitar in the few hours I wasn't there. Even though every so often I would mention we still needed to shoot it. It would be one thing if I just showed up and filmed, but they asked me to come do it for free.

    The second wasn't even really a video, I have a dozen or so different samplers, this one just turned out the best so I thought I'd post for feedback and suggestions on how to make it look better. Making the camera pan around helped in different version.

    The third is a video, it just happens to be pure live footage. I did the best I could, got the message that morning. I set up in the dark and had to deal with drunk women running up to the stage every other song and man do they get pushy. I normally keep the cuts between 5-10 seconds, but was unable to do so this time around.

    Thanks Stripe, I'll keep what you said in mind.

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    All genuine mate, you did things out of the ordinary and in an innocent way. Maybe you see them as mistakes, but I see it as refreshing. It's actualy a difficult art to plan 'out of the ordinary', much harder than doing the expected thing. And in music videos, the more different you can be the better, the object is to keep peoples attention, I kept watching because I didn't quite know what to expect next - so that's a good thing The last video is fine and good, but the video leaves me having to like the song to maintain my interest - I know where the video is going, so if I don't like the song - you've lost me.

    Hope that makes sense.

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    That makes perfect sense mate, thanks. Cheers.

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