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Thread: Problem rendering and viewing 3D (Vegas Pro 10)

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    Question Problem rendering and viewing 3D (Vegas Pro 10)


    Seems like u guys know some things about 3D playing and editing!

    I'd like u to ask u some questions.

    I have the following equipment/progams:
    Sony Bravia LX9-40 (3D tv, built in 3D emitter)
    Samsung monitor
    Handycam HDR-TD10
    NVIDIA GeForce GT320 1024MB (3D stereocopics incl.)
    Sony Vegas Pro 10
    Sony active shutter glasses TDG-BR100

    And having troubles editing 3D clips. When I use PMB to load the clips from the camera to my harddrive, the files receive the extension .m2ts.
    I can load the clips into Vegas Pro and see that it creates two video tracks from the single imported video clip.

    I can't edit it and render it to a 3D video for active shutter glasses, whatever settings I use. Using anaglyphic settings seem to work tho. But nor can I get the right settings for my preview device the Bravia LX9-40. If I play the recorded video directly from my camera, connected directly to the tv, there is no problem as the 3D works just fine.

    After a lot of searching, I found out that I have to set the following:
    project settings - stereoscopic 3D mode: Side by side (full or half)
    preview device settings - preview device - device: Stereoscopic 3D Graphics Card
    preview device settings - preview device - Stereoscopic 3D mode: Left and Right

    But that doens't seem to work for me. And I have no other clues what to do. The Bravia LX9-40 does detect a 3D signal! But the videoclip is displaying 2D or 2 videoclips litterally side by side, depending on the settings i used.

    **note: there are a lot of tutorials, but I couldn't find one explaining the settings for active shutter glasses in Vegas Pro 10.

    So here comes my questions:
    1. The videos, HD Tree and University Campus of Iowa, in your earlier posts (Youtube) are displayed as two separate clips side by side. Nothing 3D for me. Whatever the settings are. What am I doing wrong ? What do I need to do to see it in 3D ?
    2. What settings do I need to use to render a proper 3D video for active shutter glasses ?
    3. What settings do I need to use to get my preview device working properly for active shutter glasses ?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I have only played with anaglypgs, which require simple coloured glasses. I think that for 'shutter glasses' the file format uses '"Multiview Video Coding", which may only have been supported on 'Vegas pro 10' in the update to v "10.d".
    The TG10 is mentioned on this page - Sony Vegas Pro 10.0d With MVC Support is Now Officially Available - 3D Vision Blog

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