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Thread: how do I get a smooth and clear video when speed is lowered?

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    Default how do I get a smooth and clear video when speed is lowered?

    Allright Ive always had a problem with producing smooth video when lowering the speed on certain video clips. I have been doing this primarily with skateboarding and I have been craving a smooth picture as opposed to the blurry and unclear picture that always comes out. I have used Ulead mostly but just recently started using Adobe Premiere, but I have the same problem.

    thanks for listenin

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    what kind of camera do you have? What type of movie file are you making.

    Have you checked out the guides?

    What are you trying to watch the video on? computer, dvd player, etc?

    There are so many programs, hardware and codecs to use, and so many ways to use each... depending on how you want the video to be viewed.

    There are so many possible answers that I think you need to include a little more information about your specific........stuff.

    I hope you figure it out....because skateboarding mishaps are fun to watch on America's Funniest Videos! :P

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    I have a Canon GL2, and im just watching the rendered preview from the timeline off of premiere, so at the moment its only an avi. The PC im using is quite decent and the camera is an amazing piece of equipment, so im guessing its the software im using that I need to figure out how to use. I just am not sure exactly what to tweak and mess with. I've tried lots of little things like deinterlacing the fields and using different codecs for compression, but they all seem to have the same effect. i guess ultimately I am trying to end up watching this on vhs so maybe that will help with any information you can give me.

    And yes skateboarding mishaps are fun to watch if you've never been one of those guys.

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    In my limited camera experiance, you need to shot in sports mode if available, or with the highest possible shutter speed, I have created successfull slow motion avi's by simply reducing the speed in Premiere Pro(my subject in this case was moving slowly). but i have to say when i tried capturing the skateboarders i suffered with the same issue, added to by the fact that i didnt use a tripod, which i know isnt easy to set up at the top of a ramp LOL

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