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Thread: Two Edited Short Videos

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    Default Two Edited Short Videos

    The first video is a fun little video I edited together for Vegas. I love Las Vegas, so it was fun editing it together. I used Avid, played around with color correction making some colors pop.

    The second vid is one I just edited last night, I was bored, I drive a Audi and I love it. So I thought "hey, why not make a 30 second commercial for Audi" really didn't have to do much with the footage, just tried to make quick cuts.

    Me and buddies just started this Youtube channel, we have some short skits shot, hopefully will have them edited and up soon.

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    You've not had any replies yet, so here's my pennyworth . .
    Ist one looks like commercial shots - did you really take these? you have a helicopter, or ...
    EDIT - I think maybe you took these from the building opposite...did the inside-shots come with permission? . . . that was good.

    2nd one I think a potential buyer needs about 30% longer to set their eyes on each shot; it may be trendy to have short-cuts, but to have the buying desire, I think I need a while longer to examine the goods....
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    The first one is some footage I shot, and some I got off Youtube

    2nd one could have been about 45secs to 1min, but edited it down to 30 seconds. So it's more "commercial" length, even though most commercials are less then 30 seconds. I had a lot to work with, but had to make tough choices as to what looks good and what doesn't.

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