Hey there, first post on these forums. Quick intro: I've been shooting digital stills for a couple of years but have next to no experience with video. I've cut together footage from online multiplayer PC game sessions with Windows Movie Maker with good results, that's as advanced as I went.

So, now I own a Contour HD 1080p and a Nikon D7000, and i'm using them both for recording Airsoft game days. I was given a boxed copy of Sony Vegas 6.0 but I believe that's a bit dated by now.

I'd really appreciate advice on what software to would be the wisest choice, given that these videos will end up on Flickr and YouTube, and that audio isn't a primary concern. Right now i'd be happy to use Windows Movie Maker but it won't accept the file types and i'm not having much luck converting files.

Thanks in advance,