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Thread: Critiques are MORE than welcome!!

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    Default Critiques are MORE than welcome!!

    This video is not only waaaay outside the scope of what I'm usually asked to cover, but also outside of my equipment capabilities so I apologize in advance for the lack of actual riding
    footage on the horses! In addition I just had hip surgery and getting on a several hundred pound+ Animal was NOT one of my smartest moves!! I could barely walk AFTER getting off
    the horse!! In the end, an outstanding time was had by all who participated.

    I was definitely aiming for one of those old westerns that I loved to watch growing up as a kid .. Shane, Gunsmoke, Bananza .. that sort of theme! Hope you enjoy but please feel free
    to break the video down too!

    ~ Underground Media Kings

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    I thought the Flickering throughout spoilt what was a nice record of your day out. It made it hard for me to watch. Next time stick a GoPro on your head when riding the horse.

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    It caught the atmosphere well, which I imagine is the prime objective. Though you've explained why, It's a shame all the "action" footage was in stills.I thought the posed stills looked good in the context, you caught the "old western photographs well". As this sequence made up teh second half of the video it gave a bit of an "imbalance" to the piece. Appropriate music.

    I'm with Midnight on the flickering. i've found that a "lot" of old film type effect works well if you want to contrast a short (say up to 30 sec) bit of footage in the middle of a much longer film made up of stable footage (eg i your film, people watch some old footage) but if your whole film uses an "old film" effect, you really want to reign back on flicker and stutter or it is very tiring to watch.

    It all looked squashed to me, not just the leteboxed wider aspect ratio stuff, all of it. My imagination?

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