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Thread: how can i edit my hd video material

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    Default how can i edit my hd video material

    Hi I have shoot some footage with my kodak playsport and tryed to Edit it with win moviemaker and pinnacle studio hd 14. My computer is a laptop with quadcore athlon proccesor and 6gb ram. I know there are heavier macchines bit it was fairly expensive and most cameras sold today are hd ones, so it would be weird to me if editing isn't possible on a macchine like mine. Still it laggs a lot while editing and when rendering a film of more then about a minute long it says it need more ram.

    Do I really need a more powerfull computer? If so, this hd revolution sucks for any amateur user.
    Please help me if you can.


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    No answer, has this issue gone-away?
    6G is enough RAM, but laptops may split working RAM for video - however, 6G "should be enough" - I'm on 4G (the limit for 32-bits just under) - but I have a dedicated graphics 500Mb - and still get some issues with Preview. After Render the issue remains, only when burnt to DVD and put in a "Player" does it all come good . . . . . . HD does need a powerful PC. Multi-cores, naturally.

    In 64-bits do you "halve" the RAM, so yr 6G is really 3G? (never used 64-bit, but I might).
    You shut-down all other programs, of course.
    Sorry, can't help further.
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    I used to have the same set up as you, I film using a Kodak Playsport and edited in Pinnacle 14 HD. The problem is that the HD moniker is a white lie. It can render to HD but it cannot edit in HD. I had serious issues with the preview window and even went so far as to try converting my recordings to a lossless format. Eventually a Pinacle chatroom informed me that it couldn't handle the datastreams. Your computer is more powerful than mine so it might be that I ran into issues with the software earlier than you did, I never got so far as being able to start rendering.
    I abandoned Pinnacle for Sony Vegas and now edit seemlessly. Having used Pinnacle for a few short films, I can honestly say it feels a little cheap compared to Vegas - I fully recommend it.

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    I would never consider Pinnacle to be a worthwhile piece of editing software...Move over to Sony Vegas or Premier elements and watch all your buggy workflows vanish

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bpotter908 View Post
    I would never consider Pinnacle to be a worthwhile piece of editing software...Move over to Sony Vegas or Premier elements and watch all your buggy workflows vanish
    not necessarily true..... but i do agree with you on pinnacle should carry a warning on the packaging..... WARNING this product isn't very good. The final beta testing has been left to the end user.....

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