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Thread: Surf memories of Tarifa

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    Some really great shots in there - the opening was a stunner!
    On the whole I liked the construction. The ending was perfect, I liked the dog sillouette was a great choice.
    I wonder whether the intro sequence is a bit long in comparison to the surfing. This is a tricky one, if youre interested in watching the surfing, you probably need les of the intro, if you're interested in the oocation and scenery, you'd want less of the surfing. So, perhaps what you have done is a reasonable compromise.
    Nice shots of young, beautiful people on the beach. Could maybe do with one or two close-ups of bottoms etc, also faces, but I appreciate it can be a bit invasive. Could possibly do with a couple of balancing "people" shots in the closing section.
    The light was coming from a less than ideal direction, but you worked with this very well.

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    I see your getting use to your new camera now. Some great shots.

    Nice Video. Well done.

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    thanks thanks

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